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  1. do I see chrome helmet stripes for the Jets? Could that mean chrome helmet logos too?I saw these on Instagram last week and brushed it off as a filter, but the decals on this Bills helmet look a little "Chromey"
  2. They should reverse them so they stand out more.I like the patch-matching. But i don't much care for patches so blending in minimizes their impact.
  3. I've spent years looking for a Steve Tasker Jersey with the Champion Block numbers. So many Bills Throwbacks from that era have incorrect block numerals.
  4. Dear Bucks, Please don't have a sleeved alt that has MKE on the chest. Sincerely, Everyone over 14.
  5. I like the Seahawks current set, but I'd make a few changes. 1) Get rid of the helmet "stripe" 2) Add some green to the sleeve stripes on the away and alt jerseys
  6. These would be the worst practice jerseys in the D-League. If they were to see an NBA court it would be a national tragedy.
  7. I'd like to see the Jets green helmet make a comeback. AFC has too many white domes.
  8. Here is my less stupid pants concept. I really dislike the "Browns" mark, but it could've been executed better.
  9. Nike: Check out this Bold Satin Finish !!! CCSLC:
  10. Why couldn't the Chinese use contrasting stitching? I once saw a counterfeit navy Bills jersey with powder blue contrast stitching and Patriots NOB font
  11. Wish they would've got even a little creative with the helmet finish. Edit: Helmet stripe appears to be textured. C- effort