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  1. Cubs uniforms grew on me. Look so much better with blue pants and the caps are nice. I'm a sucker for the 77 neighborhoods marketing tactic they're using.
  2. The Cubs jerseys having “respect our neighborhood” on them is hilarious if you’ve ever been to wrigleyville after a 1:20 game on a Saturday. I’d buy a Y symbol shirt and call it a day on these.
  3. I like Jacksonville’s uniforms but I can’t say I’m a fan of the primary logo. It seems almost too detailed to be a sports logo. Maybe play around with making a roundel with Neptune’s head like the old Ottawa Senators logo or make the trident the focal point of the imagery
  4. Love the move away from the fleur-de-lis on the caps for the main set. That interlocking NO logo is unique to your concept and should be the primary focus. The new roundel is a huge improvement with the splash of color and the jersey package went from being one of the weaker ones so far to one of the strongest. I really dig the throwbacks, I’m getting strong “the team wore these from 2002-2008” vibes.
  5. I think A2 is the definite winner here, but I do like B1 (it reminds me more of Bayern Munich than a restaurant). I think leaving the Bison yellow is the right choice. It highlights all three colors of the identity soundly. Good work
  6. You really found a way to make the Colorado flag color scheme not obnoxious in this like many other concepts in the past have done. Well done once again. I think the roundel is fine. Maybe add some more color to it? Can we see the full sized original bison to compare it to the updated version?
  7. You absolutely knocked Indy out of the park! Like mbannon said props to you for not doing any racing imagery. I was going to suggest dropping the ‘s’ in Unions, but the name grew on me a lot. You made a really traditional identity package that feels unique. Great work
  8. Looks great, only problem I have is the Philles homage might be a little too on the nose. Maybe remove the sleeve numbers?
  9. Started to think closing the mouth would be the way to go about things. Right now, I think it looks way too much like Louisville. Any thoughts?
  10. Hi all, it's been a while since I've posted a concept on the boards. Recently, I have begun a project to make a complete fictionalized version of CFB. One of the potential teams that was brought up to me was the Rhode Island State Rogues. I settled on a pirate theme using the old Buccaneers scheme. I made my first version of the logo, and really would love some C&C how to improve upon it. Right now, the mouth is bothering me a lot. I played around with using the state of rhode island in the negative space, but it even looks more jarring. Closing the mouth completely has brought me trouble as well, I can't get it to look right at all. Any ideas where I could take this?
  11. The dude abides. great work as always
  12. And to think I was pretty excited about the game 5's....
  13. The quality New Era has been pumping out is inexcusable. Last Christmas my sister got me a Cubs 59Fifty because I needed a new one (had the same hat for around 5-6 years). She bought a discounted 2018 playoffs one, and I was shocked at how poorly it was made. I went from constantly wearing my Cubs hat around to never wearing it, until I bought an older 59Fifty off eBay.
  14. I really need a Bears win tonight and for Mitch to start coming into his this season like he did in the Bills or Bucs game last year. Anyone know who is going to be in on the WGN broadcast of the game tonight? I’m more inclined to watch it than ESPN’s.
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