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  1. As of right now they’re rumored to be the only team to have offered any money. Yankees and Phillies have just offered years.
  2. Phillies could definitely sign both with the amount of money they have, but I doubt that happens. As stupid as them waiting for Trout, teams like the Cubs have shown what would be beneficial about the move. How long has Harper been rumored to the Cubs? Now it’s most likely not happening because last season they dumped all their money into Darvish and Chatwood. I don’t find anything wrong with Machado’s playing style and if that’s what’s keeping him on the market, baseball execs are dumber than we thought. It seems like the White Sox are basically betting against themselves right now for Machado. Crazy that every team is not jumping on Machado and Harper this offseason.
  3. Wow I’m a big fan of these, way better than what I have now. if possible I’d love to have: Cubs home Bears home #54 Blackhawks home Bulls ‘CHICAGO’ script #23 Notre Dame home #80
  4. I want off this Machado/Harper rollercoaster. Machado’s agent came out saying Onley’s report that the White Sox were offering 7/175 was “inaccurate and reckless” So what it comes down to is everyone is stupid, and no one knows anything. I won’t be surprised if Machado and Harper stay on the market towards the beginning of spring training much like JD Martinez and Darvish last season, giving more teams a chance to possibly make a run. I’ve seen rumors the Padres were interested in Machado. However, they’re being linked Senzel in this 3 team Kluber now. I can’t see them getting this done without getting rid of Margot.
  5. Well so much for "defense wins championships"
  6. @SFGiants58, this series has been a real pleasure to follow. Almost all your work has been near perfection, and the creativity you’ve shown here really makes the boards a fun place to visit. Excited to see what’s up next
  7. Crest looks a little too big on the jersey itself. I feel like more could be added to the crest too, but I am a fan of it and the home kit. Good start
  8. I didn't wake up this morning hoping to hate Paul Goldschmidt, but here we are.
  9. That swinging louie logo is perfect. I know it's been said countless times @SFGiants58 but everything you post is gold.
  10. Love the Knights whole look. Absolutely fantastic. Seattle's helmets are really creative and I love the UCONN style helmets
  11. Don't count out the Cubbies. 1 win at Wrigley can change this series.
  12. I have class during the Cubs/Nats game today. Looks like I'm losing attendance points.
  13. Definitely going to be following this thread, as the original was one of my favorite concept series on the boards. Loving the Bobcats identity (although I'm not too sure what I think about that light blue alt) and story. Interesting they'd leave SF for Fresno. Nice work.
  14. Hawks Twitter was calling them the Crazy 8's (88,38,8)