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  1. I really don't like it...!!! I prefer the AM logo they got in 75... that bauhaus-ish text was kept for the 75 logo and I agree this was a cool font, the new team should use it!
  2. I agree! I don't follow baseball much since the Expos are gone, so I don't know if they have those legends/vintage/special nights like they do in the NHL (i.e. the Los Angeles Kings wearing their old gold jerseys) but that would be a cool one for the Nationals to wear over the 80's Expos jersey!
  3. Okay okay I'll give you that one for the NFB/ONF... but sports logos, they didn't come up with anything great though... Montreal Manic (Soccer- NASL) Montreal Alouettes (all logos before 1975) Montreal Expos Quebec Nordiques ...and probably more that I can't think of right now
  4. This is an old discussion but I'm still going to get things straight... First of all, the Expos logo has nothing to do with the French flag. In Quebec we mostly speak French but we don't take the France flag as our own as it wasn't in use when we arrived in America. The only French symbol we still use as our own is the Fleur-de-Lis, the symbol of France-Old-Regime, where we come from and the international symbol of French-speaking communities all around the world. This leads to my second point... The Bleu-Blanc-Rouge colours used by the Expos was just an obvious choice as it has been very popular in Montreal since the Canadiens adopted it in the NHA/NHL. Most major sport teams wore these colours in Montreal (I.E. the CFL's Alouettes). And third of all, the Expos name was voted by fans (I think, I should double-check my sources but not now as it is not very important here...!) and it is referring to the Montreal International Exposition of 1967, nicknamed Expo '67. I know this sucks, but eh, what can we do? Most of all weren't around to stop that for happening... And finally, The Expos logo is actually a capital "M". (Yes, you have read correctly!) inside the "M" is a lower case red "e" who stands for Expos and a blue "b" for Baseball... Now, that being said... yes my people (French Canadians) couldn't come up with good logos in the 60-70s. The NHL Nordiques is another good example. It's just great that they were that bad so they became cool with the years! some extra reading for you all https://www.google.ca/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=what does the expos logo mean
  5. This one has me on the fence, not sure if I did it any justice. I decided to go with the logo below because between the two it just looked better. Thank you so much Ren...!!!! This is more than I expected! Good thing you use the Lacrosse postcard as a reference (I thought it was too small to use) The one I posted came from a pic of a player's sweater that I coloured for a project. Anyhow, thanks again for the time you took to do this for me Cheers!
  6. Wow great work on all the logos... I gotta ask for this one... Toronto Tecumsehs from the old NHA I'm looking for something more like a clean-up version than a too-modernized version I mean I'd love to keep the vintage look of the logo rater than having something too modern Thanks in advance