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  1. It's not the US teams' fault that the Canadian teams are either ineptly run (or run on the cheap *cough*Ottawa*cough*), horrifyingly unlucky, or have fanbases who are so intensely passionate that most NHL players (who are apparently shrinking violets) can't wait to sign FA deals with US teams.
  2. Congrats to the Blue Jackets and Islanders fans.
  3. IP's too expensive. They'll roll with some made up bull two-word term for tomatoes.
  4. And yet the ex-Suns are too far removed to be a good fit for the Florida State League, the South Atlantic League, and the International League, which is probably a complicating factor.
  5. That lockout happened right after the old AFL's "Emperor has no Clothes" moment-folding a perfectly viable Indiana Firebirds franchise because its sale price was about a quarter of the going rate for an expansion team. That burned a lot of goodwill (and axing 2 other teams in the same offseason didn't help either.
  6. Adam Archuleta as in "led with his helmet on all of his tackles Adam Archuleta?" Surprised he's capable of multisyllabic speech.
  7. CFL alumni have gone on to successful careers in the NFL though.