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  1. This. The only reason they are sticking it out is because the school (correctly) determined that the politicos 4+ hours away in Santa Fe understand NCAA FBS better than Carnegie R2 and Land Grant status when it comes to determining how much state aid they get.
  2. Not as long as Jerry Falwell Jr. calls the shots; waaaay to many political liabilities, especially given his handling of COVID.
  3. The rest of their sports are parked in the Summit League, which is the tier below the Horizon League. No. No. A Thousand times No.
  4. Vandy's only in the SEC because they're a charter member (and its nice to have the Nashville presence, but seriously it's the charter member thing.)
  5. Pioneer League-D3 matchups are fairly common tilts in non-COVID years. Probably because most Pioneer League programs are glorified D3 teams that have to play D1 because of NCAA bylaws.
  6. I'm fine with that, that's a relatively unique combination compared to RWB variants.
  7. It's never a good sign to have the phrase "Fyre Festival" tossed around in relation to your event.
  8. Eh, I'll take the change if you can get it regardless of the underlying motivation.
  9. 2nd and 3rd with Va Tech being 2 (George Mason is bigger). Also huge difference between liberal arts flagship and full land grant vs "One school to rule them all" and HBCU that's 1/6th the size.
  10. Va Tech ain't an HBCU in a former slave state.
  11. Also on the earlier Delaware State to the Colonial spitballing, I'm pretty sure Delaware would put a brick on that idea.
  12. Meanwhile Jared Goff pulls down top 5 QB money for panicking and tossing the ball to the ground every time there's a little bit of pressure, but can't possibly be challenged for his job at all. The white fragility QB everyone.
  13. Change the name. Can't retcon your way from the original symbolism and meaning. Mind you this was really stupid to begin with given that Nevada was admitted to the Union during the Civil War and its Constitution explicitly defers more to the Federal Government as a consequence.
  14. This remains news to St. Paul.