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  1. I wouldn't say wide open; it's gonna be a desperate knife fight.....between multiple Super Bowl contenders.
  2. So stop trying and just treat the position as the NFL's version of the putty patrol, perpetually cycling through 1st round QBs on rookie deals, because those contracts are cheat codes.
  3. Fine, glorified D-III team that only plays at FCS because of NCAA rules. (and honestly Valpo football is bad even by Pioneer League standards).
  4. Beerdrinkers is right there for a Lutheran school.
  5. Valpo was almost bought by the Klan back in the twenties. Anything that's been appropriated by white nationalists over the last few years is out.
  6. How much good would an overall rebrand do though, it's not like the Oilers set the world on fire except for maybe those times when they had Earl Campbell charge headlong into the Steel Curtain defense. (And Campbell can't walk now, so, welp....)
  7. I'm not through with the minor league edition of the sport, but I'm damn well gonna start yelling at the guys with the speed guns and note-taking devices the second I see a runner get thrown out on a pointless steal attempt or on the third consecutive pickoff attempt without a pitch or the intentional walk to set up a double play.
  8. Taunt the scouts at every game.
  9. Gonna be curious to see when Goodell forces Houston to give Rasputin the ol' heave ho.
  10. Sounds a lot like what some idiots say about Jared Goff.
  11. Sure if you like to watch money get set on fire.
  12. I see you haven't been paying attention to the free agent market the last few years. Most of baseball has decided it won't spend on FAs period, regardless of past accomplishments.
  13. Under the current CBA more playoffs do not actually get more money for the players IIRC.
  14. In which I realize that describing Jared Goff as "white fragility incarnate" may have been an understatement. https://www.turfshowtimes.com/2021/2/1/22261107/jared-goff-rams-lions-trade-stafford-silver
  15. Stafford's ready to go right now and probably has at least 3 good years left in the tank. Not a super long term solution, but I'd argue the Rams don't NEED a long term solution at QB.
  16. Rams had a championship caliber defense and reasonably competent offensive pieces (aside from Goff, who was an absolute liability in big games despite the W/L record). Stafford is reliable enough that they might be able to do it now.
  17. The Rams defense beat Seattle. The only reason his play didn't cost the Rams the game was that McVay was so terrified of that eventuality that he refused to let Goff do much. Super Bowl year was with a good run game against Dallas and the Rams' defense buckling down against New Orleans (and getting away with one in the 4th).
  18. Les Snead, probably. Doesn't want to get blamed for draft busts, although maybe he should get blamed for stupid premature extensions (Goff's rookie deal originally would have expired next month.) And yes 2016 is the case. I would have been fine with dumping one first in this trade, but two is kind of making me nervous. (Although it should probably be ironclad that the 2024 1st can't be traded since that has to go to a rookie QB.) At least we won't piss away another year of Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey's prime with incompetent replacement-level QB play.
  19. Also, Calgary torches every market they play in in 5 years or less. It's a cardinal rule.
  20. If you're in the Pioneer League, you ain't gonna join a football league that claims to have FBS ambitions.
  21. OK, UNLV isn't a draw in their own market and Colorado Springs isn't that big. They won't grow the pie at all.
  22. Not quite sure we need to go with the old master stuff when the old master almost single-handedly blew the game today.