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  1. In fairness to the Penguins, the old Igloo was really in bad shape by that point.
  2. Probably. I mean, the league most likely would want to show off Kroenke's fully armed and operational battle station.
  3. This would require House Kraft to care about their date sponge now that the apprenticeship for the heirs is complete. I don't think they do.
  4. And now your brand is genocide. Good. Call.
  5. This would only have worked if you had named them Ohio State FC.
  6. An MLB team in Albuquerque would be excellent black comedy. I'm for it. We need a Seattle Pilots of the 21st Century.
  7. No. It is madness to try and there will be one or more franchises that will not survive the transplant and need to move again if they do try. Metro Vegas is smaller than Portland, Pittsburgh, and Sacramento and slightly bigger than Austin, Cincinnati, and Kansas City. The smallest 4 sport market is Denver and they have like 700,000 more people than Vegas.
  8. We've got maybe Charlotte and maybe Montreal east of the continental divide as "plausible" markets. I think MLB could brick those quite nicely if need be.
  9. Your city is named after a dude who is associated in parts of the world with colonial genocide. Maybe this is not the brand you want to lead with.
  10. Judging from the reaction, I hope they budgeted for vandalism (and a logo retcon in a year or two).
  11. This. St. Louis was all set to be expansion team #2 when the ownership group imploded at the 11th hour.
  12. Matt Stafford's currently Zooming with the Rams Defense and planning to run a bounty set up for Rodgers if he ends up getting traded to San Francisco.
  13. Only if you're Denver in Denver or Baltimore, and Baltimore is only .500 against them in the playoffs. So yeah, still rather hard and kind of luck-based.
  14. Pittsburgh's 3 Super Bowl appearances during the Brady era: XL: Denver dispatched the Patriots (in Denver!), Steelers beat the Broncos the next week. XLIII: Patriots were "Sir Not Appearing in this Picture" for the playoffs thanks to Bernard Pollard giving Brady a season-ending injury in Week One XLV: Patriots lose to the "Sanchize" at home, Steelers pick off the Jets the next Week. Baltimore's 1 XLVII: Beat the Patriots in New England!!, as was their wont during the Flacco Era. Baltimore's biggest problem is that they couldn't beat other teams. Rock Paper Scissors is weird, dude. Indy: Well-documented instances of consistently losing to the Patriots aside... XLI: Kept their together in the early round of the playoffs and made the hard-won home field advantage pay off in a comeback win against the Patriots, for once. (This loss also marked the end of the "Brady as game manager" era in New England.) XLIV: Patriots got Flacco'd Dennver: XLVIII: Broncos defense is good enough when they play New England in Denver 50: Ditto (barely) (As for why they couldn't do this more often, John Elway is a moron as an executive.) Giants: Don't have to face the Patriots before the Super Bowl, spent much of this era otherwise underachieving or flailing around, Rock Paper Scissors is REALLY weird. Gist is, there are two approaches to getting around Brady during this era. 1. Let somebody else take care of him. 2. Rely on rock paper scissors advantages and hope you don't run into somebody who has the same advantages on you. Please note that both strategies rely heavily on luck.
  15. Not Marino's fault Miami couldn't get him a running back. The Tom Brady death gate kind of is a hard hurdle to vault. Such is life.
  16. Ask Jazz fans about Malone and Stockton, or Sixers and Suns fans about Charles Barkley or Knicks fans about Ewing. :censored: sometimes happens when you have hall of famers but the other guy has generational all-time talent.
  17. Honestly if you want to diagnose Tomlin's "underperformance" I think it boils down to this. Ben Roethlisberger, for most of Tomlin's tenure, has been too good a quarterback to get rid of (He's turned into a pumpkin the last year or two and the Steelers really SHOULD move on, but...), and at the same time, not as good a quarterback as Tom Brady. And them's the breaks.
  18. Bill Cowher was 8-9 prior to that Super Bowl championship run in his penultimate season (year 14!) and final playoff appearance. He's also in the Hall of Fame and fanbases kept talking about luring him out of retirement for years following his departure.
  19. In fairness, the Rams would have retained Fisher for longer had he not decided to treat year one in LA as a complete "Mulligan" season and basically not actually do his job at any point during that season. (That and it becoming apparent that Los Angeles had little patience for the Rams flailing about on the field.)
  20. (Thinks back to Rams from 2005-2016) Yes, actually. That'd be nice, but you need the dance ticket first. So be it.
  21. Granted the Browns and the Bengals are usually the Browns and the Bengals, but I'd hardly describe Baltimore as a band of slapdicks during his tenure and Marvin Lewis at least had the Bengals competent usually. Certainly he's done this with tougher competition than Belichick has had to deal with.
  22. Presumably part of the weregeld for moving the Rams to LA was that he not care about his Denver teams.
  23. Apparently somebody picked a fight with Aaron Donald and has lawyered up. Great.
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