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  1. Houston Dallas Pittsburgh Indianapolis Giants Buffalo Las Vegas Cleveland Miami Arizona Carolina San Francisco New Orleans Kansas City Green Bay Seattle
  2. This conversation really only applies to QBs anyway, but I've taken to borrowing the term "unicorn" from silicon valley to apply to great QBs/QBs who might actually be worth giving a contract extension to (NOTE: more NFL QBs get lucrative extensions than merit them, usually harming the team in the process) *whistles, notes Rams defense again carrying Jared Goff's worthless ass over the finish line*.
  3. Assuming BYU would be persuaded to abandon its "Mormon Notre Dame" model, their preferences would be as follows. 1. P5 conference 2. Returning to the MWC in everything, tail between their legs. (deliberately large gap) 3. Joining another football league, such as the WAC as presently or soon to be futurely constituted.
  4. There's only so many AAA-quality markets to go around on the West Coast and OKC has a really nice ballpark.
  5. I'd say its less attendance and more facilities in general, Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, Lamar, and Abilene Christian have significantly larger football and basketball facilities than Incarnate Word and Houston Baptist.
  6. Southland's shakier than you might think. Louisiana public higher ed is in BAD financial shape at the lower tiers; WAC might be a safer bet right now.
  7. I find it odd that a Wisconsin Mayn doesn't like the Wild or the Blackhawks.