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  1. Bylaws forbid new teams from being independent, although the workaround anyway is the Wolves doing what they've always done, and well it sucks to be the team that lost the round of affiliate musical chairs. Anyway, the Blues aren't doing whatever the heck it is people suggest they do because they don't have the money and/or desire to own an AHL franchise, as evidenced by them SELLING the AHL franchise they owned earlier in the decade. So yeah, go Blues.
  2. They functionally are their own league, complete with fewer games than the rest of the AHL. No need to foot the administrative bills.
  3. What situation? Travel only gets worse in the ECHL and there is no way for an NHL parent to force the Wolves to sell their franchise or give their farm players ice time.
  4. The ultra section of FC Cincinnati.
  5. There aren't that many AHL teams left that would be easily purchased and moved. Nothing more than that.
  6. Nah, just the functional death of it as a vehicle for anything besides skill training.
  7. If each team played the exact same slate of foes the exact same number of times, you might have a point.
  8. It's a luxury tax, not a hard cap. You can pay to keep the player, you just might take a little less to your own bank account.
  9. Mookie Betts: yeah, you can kiss any chance of a hometown discount goodbye.
  10. For the record, the Rams would probably make a better life insurance company than a football team looking at the long term.
  11. What is the gain aside from in the pocketbook of Boston's ownership?
  12. Big South has better brand awareness, accepts football tournament bids and has better football overall.
  13. The Blues lack the money to own an AHL team.
  14. The Niners blew a ten point lead in the 4th Quarter in the Super Bowl? GrinchSmile.gif
  15. See, I go back and forth on that because yeah, we're up to 4 members of a crew with 1 Super Bowl championship to their name, and seriously pushing for a fifth one, and is that a little much or not? I figure the "not" argument boils down to how much the GSOT forced the league to change (teams getting faster across the board, greater emphasis on offense over the last two decades), but I don't know, I honestly don't know.
  16. Theology per se is less the hangup with BYU than the prohibition on Sunday competitions, especially given that Sunday is typically a heavy day for Pac 12 sports.
  17. *looks at free agent QB class* *looks at Jared Goff's contract* *insists that Jared Goff go everywhere by helicopter.*
  18. The B1G isn't pulling anybody from the MAC either. Its another P5 league or nothing.
  19. Based on his posts, I'm pretty sure Coltfan is like 10 and his suggestions should be placed in that context.
  20. Maybe faculty senates raised a bigger stink at other schools than their administrators anticipated.
  21. Perhaps, but just kicking Liberty out costs you those 2 units of NCAA tournament money they got last year.
  22. Just spitballing, but maybe the advantage they see is getting away from Liberty because of, well everything about their institution, and also because Liberty is running roughshod in league play over the conference they only joined as a halfway house after the Big South told them to GTFO when they went FBS.