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  1. Absolutely fantastic job! So much better than what they're going to roll with. Great work - very creative.
  2. These are great. Could you do a PS3 Michigan State version with LeVeon Bell, Will Gholston or Max Bullough?
  3. I actually have that shirt. They are the cheap quality Gildan's. They are a legit business, but I have had a couple issues with them. On one occasion, I upgraded to their ringspun version and they sent me the cheap version. Ringspun proved to not be much better quality - certainly doesn't look like the photos, but they did eventually get me the correct version. Another time, I got the wrong color. I ordered a Michigan Panthers shirt that was supposed to be maroon and they printed the pattern on a bright red shirt. Final problem I had was an Oakland Invaders shirt. The one pictured was multi-colored. The one I got just had yellow screenprinting. They refused to do the multicolored, but eventually refunded. They always made right, but it took a heck of a long time with a couple of those. I'm probably done with them unless I find something I can't live without. Just too many errors and took a lot of reminders to get things straight.
  4. These are phenomenal. The USFL had such great logos.
  5. Man, these are terrific. Any chance you could do a #23, #11 or #10 for Michigan State instead of #20? Mike Kebler was (how should I say this politely?) not so talented. Great work!
  6. I'm looking to print something like this out at a pretty good size for my buddy who is a football coach. Who has the largest, most high-res templates? These are all great for the web, but I don't know if I've seen any that will hold up printed at larger sizes. Thanks!
  7. I think Nike owns this one, but does anyone know of any fonts close to this one?