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  1. This is going to be my last post on here for a little bit (personal family tragedy)...... I think Tampa breaks brought the glass Cup ceiling. I’ll be back around for the Rite of Spring thread
  2. Denver's 1997 interconference schedule had them playing the other NFC West teams (STL, SF, CAR, ATL) and they missed out playing New Orleans when the Broncos had navy unis on white pants and the Saints had gold numbers on white road unis.
  3. The Broncos played the NFC West in 1997, but the Saints were a 5th place team.
  4. 2002 playoffs: Sonics first, Spurs last (and that series was also at the Alamodome, also in its last year)
  5. Alex English wearing the David Thompson era Nuggets uniforms, NOT the rainbow jerseys he’s most remembered
  6. It’s the reverse for me. I have enjoyed this era, but the Pats winning all the time Is singlehandedly diminishing my interest in he product. the only reason I did not watch the SB was NE’s presence, not the NFC CG controversy. as long as Brady and Belichick keep winning, I’ll have less and less reason to care about who wins the silver medal.
  7. If Kirk Cousins was Pats starting QB in 2018 and BB was coach...... I think they still win the SB
  8. If a 2 goal lead is the most dangerous lead in hockey, apparently a 15+ point lead is the most dangerous in basketball
  9. This was from the 2-year span where these jerseys overlapped
  10. Take Sony Michel- is he truly as good as his playoff numbers indicated or could, Lamar Miller/Alfred Blue have replicated those numbers?
  11. Is the Patriots dynasty good or bad for football? Some will say bad, some will say good. Your takes?
  12. If we're going to compare the Niners to the Pats, let me throw in another factor- division. San Francisco did win a boatload of NFC West titles, but they didn't always run away and hide. The Rams pushed them at times and, at least through the Montana era, didn't always get swept. They oddly won more games at Candlestick than at Anaheim. Atlanta was a division doormat more often than not, but every now and then (1983, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1995) they would spring a surprise. New Orleans also made things tough at times with their defense and were seen as a worthy foil. Compare that to the AFC East. Forget the QB play- Brady isn't exactly going up against Kevin Greene or the Dome Patrol linebackers twice a year every year. During the SF 1981-1998 era, the 49ers had to sweat out their division here and there. New England only a few times has had to sweat out division titles- 2001, 2003, 2004, 2010. Outside of that, they basically have won their division in July. Since the 3x in 4 years run, that division has gone WAY downhill. The BUF/MIA/NYJ gap was way bigger than the old ATL/LA/NO gap. The 49ers actually did surrender their division a few times (1985 Rams, 1991 Saints, 1996 Panthers, 1998 Falcons). Brady has failed to win his division ONE TIME while playing the full season.
  13. Success breeds contempt. Now, if the SEA/ATL SB's went differently and Brady got #4 against the Rams, I think it might be a bit different.
  14. Is a close but sloppy offensive game like last night worse than, say, 43-8?
  15. So if Clemson lost to Alabama, perhaps Dee Ford stays onsides and Roby-Coleman gets the flag?
  16. But if it ended with, say, Andy Reid finally winning the big one or Brees getting #2 instead of LOLBOSTONWINS I think there might be less of a bitter aftertaste.
  17. If we had a similarly boring game but the Saints or Chiefs were involved, do you think there would have been similar complaining?
  18. December 11th, 1993 NY Jets 3, Washington Redskins 0
  19. I'd say these teams giving us a game with a score like this is the most surprising football development we've seen in recent memory, but...... was this more surprising than Bama getting blown out?