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  1. To think, on 12/16, when New England dropped 2 in a row in December and had a rare Pittsburgh loss, everyone buried the Patriots. Maybe these guys are immortal.
  2. And technically Craig Morton was on the '71 Cowboys and started most of their games early that season
  3. I think in the case of Jerry Jones, the only thing he should do is: 1. Cede being the GM, stick to owning- ala Parcells' 4 years 2. Change coaches
  4. They did have the nine seasons without one, but I think another factor fueling the flames of Pats fatigue is the 8 straight AFC CG's. It's not like they got tripped up here and there in the divisional round. Forget the SB- the last time we had an AFC-CG without the Pats, Carmelo Anthony was still in Denve.
  5. At least McVay hype would have been something DIFFERENT. The NFL needs some new blood, something different. Instead, it's another 12 months of how Brady/Belichick walk on water.
  6. So little happened in that game that it's not even worth complaining about from my perspective. It is what it is. Wish KC would have been here, but it's hard to fight fate.
  7. I wonder if this was the sports gods counterpoint for the Caps winning the Cup.
  8. Lest we forget that stretch when teams hired anyone with Belichick ties. (McDaniels, Crennel, Weis, Patricia, O'Brien, Dean Pees, and now Flores
  9. I just had a weird feeling that this wouldn't be a SB that would live up to expectations. So I did the unthinkable.... I sat this one out and watched other stuff. Apparently, looks like I made the right decision.
  10. Would have been nice to have that be two. I mean, if Nick Foles didn't have the game of his life and if not for a missed XP and failed 2PC in Denver..... we could be looking at 5 straight AFC crowns and 4/5 Lombardis at worst.
  11. Now the question is how many members of the Patriots' band will be back next year? I mean, is Gronk the only one that is 50/50.
  12. Things happen for a reason. This game happened for a reason. Reason sometimes is simply discounted at times.
  13. When Alabama wins the national championship, the Patriots lose the Super Bowl.When Alabama does not win the national championship, the Patriots win the Super Bowl.Sometimes, you just can't fight fate.
  14. Boston's won enough trophies to the point where I think another Pats SB would feel like overkill.
  15. Rams 34, Patriots 24 I think we finally get a Brady/Belichick SB decided by double digits
  16. Ditto for the Georgia Dome (year two was SB 28)
  17. Duce Staley's last year in Philly was the first year of the Eagles alternate black unis
  18. Jermaine Lewis, best remembered as an elite kick returner with the Ravens, was on the expansion Texans of 2002
  19. Two teams lost on conference title Sunday, yet the Chiefs seem to have already moved on
  20. Which sounds odd, because given all the success Boston has had, you'd think they would be more likely to bask in glory than to create controversy
  21. How about 2005-2013 when the Patriots made only 2 SB's in 9 years and won 0 titles?