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  1. Plot twist- watch the SB end up being Bears/Ravens and it's all defense
  2. The Ravens had 198 yards rushing...... but 100+ penalty yards is hard to overcome. Ironically, the Chiefs were a heavily penalized team and this time it was the other team that shot themselves in the foot.
  3. Nearly 2 pages of posts on the Eagles/Cowboys refs...... somehow, on a day where Miami pulled off the improbable and BAL/KC was the game of the day, we're talking about the NFC East again.
  4. If the Rams were going to have an off-night, in the cold against a Bears team that needed this game after that Giant clunker was probably the spot for it to happen.
  5. Although based on some of the games this season, Mitch has a higher upside than Bortles. Bortles threw 21 TD's in 16 games last year- Trubisky already has 20 TD's with 3 games left.
  6. Robert Porcher, the Detroit Lions' all-time sack leader, played his last NFL season in 2003, the first year the team introduced black trim
  7. 1997, the only year these Jets and Dolphins uniforms matched up- Dolphins didn't wear aqua in either game vs. the Jets, who changed their unis the following year
  8. If the Islanders had used this jersey originall in 1995-96 without the Fishsticks logo, I think it would have gone over better
  9. I just don’t buy it with this Pats roster. Like, they can only get so far with coaching and discipline. At some point, the talent gap has to account.
  10. Are we sure Keenan Allen is good or does Rivers prop him up?
  11. Tired: Steelers as a top 2 seed. Wired: Patriots and Steelers both have to play WC Weekend
  12. Cowboys haven't won a SB, let alone played in an NFC-CG since 1995-96. Dallas fans CANNOT be more insufferable than if we get a Pats rerun.
  13. Are we sure this defense can't travel on the road?
  14. If the Cowboys had an actual coach, an actual offensive coordinator, and an actual GM, their defense is NFC-CG worthy.
  15. If Georgia, Oklahoma, and Clemson all win Saturday..... Bama should be OUT of the playoff.
  16. Because they don’t schedule cupcakes (COUGH THE CITADEL COUGH) and don’t load up their schedule with soft homecoming teams all the time.
  17. The Patriots are the 5th best team in the AFC
  18. Let's not pencil in a Northwestern loss for next week. Buckeyss have been erratic this year.
  19. I give up trying to figure out anything in college football