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  1. Pats defense isn't good enough to win a low scoring game. They have no pass rush.
  2. Pats at this rate are headed for Wild Card Weekend. They may be one-and-done
  3. Vance, Garrett, Gruden- today was a great day for less-than-stellar coaches.
  4. Rooting for Not Joey Logano didn't work out so well. He's not my cup of tea.
  5. Crabcake47 would have at least led the Bills to a touchdown. This will be my last post on the General Section here for a while
  6. Fixed. I would rather the Steelers win the next 8 SB’s than the Pats win one more. America needs Brady and Belichick to go away moreso than anything else.
  7. Bills defense + Chiefs offense = Elite Team Bills offense + Chiefs defense = 0-16
  8. I think we can finally re-title this thread's insert team color here. Red October it was.
  9. The 2011 Cardinals are no longer my least favorite team to ever win a World Series
  10. The 2018 Red Sox are the 1991 Washington Redskins- damn near EVERYTHING came together, right place, right time.
  11. Fun fact- Mary Hart was guest timekeeper for Hogan/Andre at WrestleMania 3
  12. What ends first on Sunday- WS G5, WWE Evolution, or Vikings/Saints?
  13. Yankees already have Andujar and Torres. They don’t need him
  14. And just like that, Eovaldi is no longer a lock for WS MVP
  15. As much as I want to say momentum has shifted..... Remember the Giants/Cubs 15 inning game? SF didn’t ride that momentum the next night. Giants/Nats 18 innings? WAS won game 3. And what if Rich Hill can’t eat up innings? if anything, I think this gives Boston a reason to change the lineup (Benintendi back in, Mookie to 2nd, no Kinsler). They May have to gamble on JD Martinez in the outfield. I mean, he’s not a stranger to Dodger Stadium as we saw last year
  16. This is the baseball equivalent of the Keith Primeau 5OT game.