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  1. For years, I always thought the Holiday Bowl had some of the better bowl game logos. But I don't like the new one. It is not a good one, IMO. Its predecessors, OTOH, were very sharp (I especially liked the Plymouth and Pacific Life versions):
  2. Two other picks I remember njtank made that really stand out (one good, one bad) both have involved the Colts: He correctly had Indy winning Super Bowl XLI in 2006-07, but picked them to go 5-11 last year when they made it back to the big game.
  3. I'd love to see the Mavs in the Finals. Getting really bored of the Lakers every June.
  4. BTW, is it too early to consider Seattle/Atlanta as a potential WTF pick for week 15?
  5. NHL- Montreal Canadiens NBA- San Antonio Spurs NFL- Dallas Cowboys MLB- New York Yankees College Football- Oklahoma
  6. I'm dying. I think he's wrong. Pujols will come through with a late-inning 3-run jack and the Cardinals will win.
  7. When it comes to predicting sports and outcomes, you never know what'll happen. Either you'll look like a genius or you'll look silly. With that in mind, can you recall any instances where: 1. Someone in the media made a prediction that went good/bad 2. You made a prediction that went good/bad A few examples of both: Type no. 1- the media pretty much proclaiming Dallas the 2008-09 NFC Champions before the season started. We all know how that went. Also, Sports Illustrated picking the Rams to reach Super Bowl XXV- they couldn't even reach .500. (OTOH, S.I. did pick the Blackhawks to win the Cup in their NHL Preview last season) Type no. 2- I remember njtank on his Sports E-Cyclopedia site was perfect in predicting every series in the 2006 NBA Playoffs. Personally, I went against the grain in picking the Cardinals to beat the Panthers in the 2008-09 NFC Divisional Playoffs- something that pretty much few did when that game was set to commence.
  8. I guess Colts/Titans couldn't stir enough interest on this thread.
  9. As long as they did not flex the Dolphins Jets game I am happy. Getting home from the Meadowlands after midnight when I have to go to work the next day would have sucked. You're gonna be at the game? Sweet. I'll be interested to see what you think of the new stadium upon seeing it in person.
  10. The last time teams in Denver and Phoenix faced off, there were 271 combined points. Sunday will not resemble that in any way.