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  1. Purple: White: Grey Frogskin:
  2. nice work so far, gents. anyone have the TCU font or logo sheet handy? thanks, ily.
  3. i really loved all the TCU sets this year and i would assume any updates would include a move to the new Mach Speed templates. personally, i wouldn't mind if TCU ditched the purple chrome lids and brought something new to the table. i also agree with most of gdu's points on the clean up, but i was a huge fan of the subtle differences on the white helmets. they really were a simple and clean way to switch up the look. black facemasks + purple/black stripe. chrome facemasks + no stripe.
  4. any chance black jerseys have sleeves? nm. question already answered.
  5. dont understand the relationship between sun streaks on the chest and the streaks inset in the letters. the contour of the ball and the way the streaks trail off just dont make sense to me in relation to the wordmark's streaks. i think a simple flip of the bottom streaks could've gone a long way to make the front look more cohesive. i really like the abstract phoenix/bird in the PHX logo, but they may have taken it a bit far with the literal use of wings on the shorts. overall, the shorts are just weird. there is really no correlation to the jersey... and the stripe seems super random. they're trying to hard here, imo. don't understand the random use of grey/silver on the home's shorts either. sidebar: it's kind of funny to see that GIANT 'suns' wordmark in relation to the the tiny 'new orleans' on the pelicans new set.
  6. Possibly template for new USA jerseys? Red/White stripes. White sleeves. Navy cuffs+hem. looks great. pretty sure thats the same template that Atletico, Porto, etc used last season. i hope the USMNT keeps the hoops. one of the most fitting international kits out there. semi-related, i also like that the MT and WT have been sporting the same kits for the past few years.
  7. good catch. was just going off the material.... thought they could have 're-purposed' the old practice gear like a lot of teams did last season.
  8. are there any more images of the black pants, they dont appeat to be in the PC cut, but it's also hard to tell from this angle thats really strange. there is a slim chance that it may just be the moisture and sweat combined with natural light.... but those appear to be dazzle/shiny mesh. maybe left over (and never used) from the black reebok set?
  9. i agree, the helmet looks pretty rough in most photos. but i'm wondering if these are the final paint job.. or just a rough 'base coat' for OTAs and mini camps. havent kept up with the thread since OTAs started. so forgive me if this idea has been floated.... if you remember back to last spring... the seahawks took the field with their new lids during OTAs and rookie camps, but with a protective plastic sheet across the front to protect the paint job/striping. since the jags paint scheme is a little more intricate, maybe their helmets got a quick once over for the interim... and the final product will be a little bit more more polished and consistent from player to player come training camp.
  10. interesting thread. i've found that most people on this board often create new identities/uniforms/court designs/endzone graphics/etc/etc/etc/etc for their own edification. so it's strange to see a few of you respond so negatively when a pro sports team actually provides an avenue for those designs to see the light of day... im a huge mavs/bball fan, so this contest appeals to me. im also a self-employed designer/developer with a full plate of client work. wish i had more free time this month so i could work something up for the mavs contest... but i dont, so i wont. simple as that. couple of you act as if Cubes is withholding someone's paycheck. it's a fan contest with a fan contest-worthy prize. i don't see the big deal...
  11. Weird angle. They were orange to match the unis, but Ronde's been a captain for 5+ seasons, so his is all gold. you're half right. ronde's "C" and stars are stitched in gold due to his 5 seasons as captain. but the patches themselves have been switched to pink for this yearly money grab. the pink looks fine in the picture below, but hideous laid on top of the orange jerseys (and paired with gold stitching).