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  1. JTrainGBR83, First of all let me say that you do exquisite work! Secondly I will try to help you in anyway that I can. Third I'm back at work again so I don't spend much time tinkering around with helmets. But I happen to resurface now and again. If you need some help can hit me up at I don't use the current template you're using because I can't seem to quite master the layers like I have with the Revolution style helmets. I can do just about anything with that one. Just about. My biggest problem with the revo speed is converting the layers to paint shop pro. I use paint pro X (very old indeed). I like how you did that metallic flake if I could do that I'd probably work with the revo speed. You can see more of my stuff at.,,,
  2. Lions got a make over for 2017!
  3. Thanks Fraser I really appreciate the comment especially coming from you! And thanks for such a great template too. You've given whole bunch of people a great creative outlet. Hated to see your deviant art site shut down. Hope to see some more excellent work from you soon.
  4. First of all I use an older version of Paint Shop Pro so Photoshop users may or may not be familiar with the terminology but I know the layers are pretty similar. Secondly, this technique will work on the template I use I'm not certain if it will with other templates. But you may be able to apply similar steps and get the same effect if you play around with the layers enough. To get the matte finish effect you have to blur the layers used for highlights, namely the Ambient and Specular layers. What I found works best is to copy both of those layers then turn the old layers off and work with the newly copied layers. Also turn off the Reflection layer. Use a Gaussian Blur with a radius between 10 - 20 percent to get a decent blur. Once you do that for both layers. Copy them again. Now you have four new layers. Change the Blend mode on one of the Ambient layers to Dodge then adjust the Opacity level for both Ambient layers to whatever suits you. Next change the Blend Mode on one of the Specular layers to Luminance and once again adjust the Opacity levels of both layers to your liking. That should about do it. Note: blurring will drastically lower the level of detail (specifically fine lines and fine highlights) in layer being modified. So you may want to find a way to "merge" old and new levels to retain the finer details.
  5. Yeah I tried to reach him to give instruction but hes got his profile blocked off!
  6. This is horrid. Call me a traditionalist but PLEASE let's go back to single colored jerseys with horizontal sleeve stripes. Plain. Simple. Effective. All this multiple colored fluorescent crap Nike is forcing on the public seems so bush league. I want my dad's National Football League back NOT the No Fashion League!
  7. Whats with a the two tone crap? Call me traditionalist but let's get back to one color on a shell. Sheesh has the whole world gone mad? Nike should stick to designing COLLEGE UNIs ONLY.