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  1. I thought they signed a new deal with Russell this past offseason.
  2. I never said your idea was ludicrous, you said mine was. I'm not going to argue with you, just learn to not come off like you know everything. I was just throwing it out there, because I, for one, was the kind of person to pause it at that moment of the show and take a harder look at it. Also, search the web. I'm obviously not the only one to give it a second look. PS - #4 is wrong. It hasn't been changed since 2007.
  3. Pardon my French, but what the Ć’uck are you talking about? That mock up (which is a photoshop template just like we use, Nike uses them all the time for clients) looks exactly like what will be on the field this season. The shoulder numbers are slightly out of proportion, but it's a photoshop job. I didn't say THIS season, I said near future. Secondly, it's not my guess, it's SB Nation's guess. I know what Ohio State's CURRENT jerseys look like, I've been here for a couple years. They look slightly different with the bigger numbers and more streamlined stripes on the pants (especially the fact that the black stripe doesn't look as thick as it currently does) in this picture. Why would you photoshop a current jersey onto a template like that to prominently display in your office during a nationally televised show when you could just put a picture of Braxton instead? And to put it on the couch right behind where you're being filmed, I suppose you think Urban placed it there because it looked good that way in his office...
  4. Well, if it's not a PCR jersey, it's most likely ohio state's uniforms in the near future. Change the sleeves to the gray stripes and you'll have everything most traditionalist Buckeye fans are clamoring for with the big shoulder numbers. Although, the newest nike cleats tell me it's not just some random mockup sitting in Urban's office.
  5. Hold up a sweaty regular uniform in one hand and a Rev30 in the other. I didn't think it was a big deal until I did that. It's like night and day. You could just look at the difference between the heat's red jerseys. Before, they would get sweaty and become a darker red, but the rev 30's stayed the same and were brighter. Looks way better.
  6. Well, after seeing this picture, maybe a darker gray is going to be used on all the pc rivalry jerseys, but it's not as noticeable with ohio state since we have gray in our color scheme already...
  7. Good lookin' lid Kind of wished they had a solid gold S and dropped the State. Agreed. Gold is a nice compliment and State just clutters an otherwise good looking design. Disagree. The gold is used as an outline on the whole design. Using a gold S would be too much gold. It's perfect how it is.
  8. That's just because of how the black collar stops right along the seem of the orange yolk shoulders. I'm sure you won't have the same viewpoint when it comes to their home jerseys. EDIT: The white jerseys have always looked better, anyways, since the unnecessary white panel doesn't show up like it does on the home/alternate jerseys.
  9. I like where you're going with this. I remember making a comment to my friends at the scUM game two years ago about how we should use that number font on the jerseys, but get rid of the drop shadow on the numbers. It gives it more of a retro feel, while keeping the current look. I'm not a fan of the sleeves here, since i'm one of the few who like the current sleeves (There is enough gray between the helmet and pants that arguing that we look like wisconsin or nebraska is stupid). IMO, if you went with the current sleeves, got rid of the drop shadow, put buckeye leaves on the white helmet instead of the numbers, and replaced the shield on the collar with the athletic logo like we have now (or simply the block O sans shield), you'd have a beautiful set.
  10. This looks like the Tom Brady era set which I think a lot of everyone liked. M on sleeves? It's been "long" enough that Nike can't complain I don't think. The end of the sleeve is blue. The yellow is his undershirt. The stripes remind me of what they (some of the team, at least) wore against Northwestern last year, although, this is not the techfit template. And the fact that it has the B1G logo on it would lead me to believe it's not a practice jersey.
  11. 100% agree, but I'm biased since their my favorite team. However, one little thing bothers me on the orange jersey. I don't really like the stripe on the sleeve colored the way it is. I think the stripes should be mimicking the numbers (w,b,w).
  12. I don't like how there are two stripes on the sleeves and only one on the pants. The helmet should also have a white facemask. For the beveling to be the only bit of gray on the uni's, the facemask looks extremely out of place. Oh, and why isn't the aTm beveled on the helmet? It would flow better with the numbers.
  13. The black jersey that Russell Westbrook's dad was wearing during the Finals looks way better than that. I can't find any pictures, but it said Thunder instead of Oklahoma City and the letters were black with a light blue outline.
  14. The turf looks so much better now. I always hated how faded the turf looked, same with Nebraska.