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  1. Maybe try like a UCF type helmet. I absolutely love their color scheme. Wordmark is amazing though.
  2. I'm not sure if its been said yet but the chargers will wear all white for their home opener against the titans.
  3. could you make me a chargers powder blue seau 55 please?
  4. Hey could i get a chargers and a gators please?
  5. O was wondering if the request thing just died.
  6. Did anyone see this? jk didnt look at the other pages.
  7. I would love a Ryan Mathews #24 in the powder blues if that's possible. Thank you!
  8. could i get the 1994 afc champ chargers? 12 Stan Humphries 20 Natrone Means 55 Junior Seau 37 Rodney Harrison 80 Tony Martin 28 Dwayne Harper 91 Leslie O'Neal 3 John Carney thanks in advance!
  9. this would be appreciated greatly. thank you for whoever decides they want to do it.
  10. im sorry if im being impatent but my request is on the second page and i was wondering if i could get that soon.
  11. i think this is pretty awesome. i would like to request the chargers an alternating uniforms players : phillip rivers,ryan mathews, eric weddle, shaun phillups, and v jax
  12. oh i used inkscape. it was kinda confusing after using for a while