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  1. Pairing with gold shorts has been widely panned in the media. Dark blue clash kit seems to have passed muster though.
  2. I wish this template would accommodate two colours up the side to match the rest of the striping. As minimalist looks go, that would be very good.
  3. Particularly when they actually go from the top of the shoulder to the player's side and don't get arbitrarily cut off by panelling!
  4. Give me Flamingo Land over a betting website any day...
  5. Oddly subtle branding for Kappa. At least from front-on.
  6. 'Outback'? Is that a joke that I'm missing completely? As a country, we're not known for our subtle jokes...
  7. Can someone get the A a box to stand on? Or maybe some platform shoes???
  8. The template in those images looks amazingly dodgy. Anyone got a large pinch of salt I can borrow?
  9. There appears to be a distinct difference between how smooth the stripe material looks on Lampard and how buckled and ugly it looks on David Villa.
  10. Using a shortened name like ATL in the formal crest really doesn't work for me.
  11. "Engineered banding" = "transition to a new era" There's always something special in a diagram like this...
  12. On a minor point, the naming/numbering on those is amazingly bad.