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  1. Oh, and by the way, UND finally did something right with their choice of SME as the design group in my opinion.
  2. There's so much mis-information on this page. UND was the ONLY school out of all those with a Native American nickname that needed two tribes approval. All other schools only needed one tribe. Why was that? A bunch of idiots in the State Board of Higher Education (who don't work for UND, rather the entire state's public education system) decided that was an OK agreement with the NCAA (they should have either known better, or were out to make sure the nickname was removed). Despite a few above posts saying that UND didn't get permission from a tribe, that is false. It was something like 71% of tribe members from the Spirit Lake tribe voted to keep the nickname. The tribe then gave it's consent. Why UND didn't get to keep the nickname was because of that stupid two tribe rule that was "negotiated". Standing Rock, the other tribe in the state, didn't have a vote because their tribal leaders didn't allow it. They knew their members would vote the same way as Spirit Lake, and the few tribal leaders wanted to make sure that UND didn't get to keep the name. There is overwhelming support on both tribes to keep the name. However (and understandably) there are often-times bigger issues on the reservations than UND's nickname that take precedence over our concern of a nickname. But to say that the Sioux Natives don't want the nickname is absurd.
  3. There are many different opinions on what UW should look like to both keep their tradition, but maintain an original look. Some suggested adding colors, changing reds, etc. Why not try a concept with two reds, both dark and bright, but maintaining a traditional jersey design that fits the Badger template. It'd update the Badgers look while maintaining traditional designs, and would give them an original color palette.
  4. UND DOES retain the rights to the name/logo. There will actually be limited merchandise that can and will be sold from time to time in the future which allows them to retain those rights.
  5. This sounds good on paper, but without a nickname, everyone is just going to keep calling them the Sioux...including me. The problem is, no one wants to accept any of the five remaining nickname options, which is part of what makes the whole process for people like me so painful. And with the merchandise sales, you're right, the University will not depend on mascot-related merchandise once the new nickname is implemented. Even right now the non-nickname stuff hasn't been a hot seller. However, anything with the name or logo pertaining to Sioux, you can rake the buyer over the coals, because Sioux stuff sold, sells, and will sell a lot of merchandise. This entire thing would have been settled years ago if not for the SBoHE in North Dakota. Their negotiation skills with the NCAA were pitiful...unless, of course, they were trying to get the nickname removed. Every other school who still has a tribal nickname negotiated a deal with the NCAA where they only needed one tribe's approval. North Dakota had to get two [both]. One voted and overwhelmingly approved, the other never voted because the tribal leaders wouldn't let their people vote (of course knowing the tribe would also approve the name). It's all so mind-blowingly stupid and frustrating. North Dakota didn't have some stupid mascot running around as a caricature of Sioux. They didn't have an awful, cartoony logo that wrongly misrepresents the Sioux people. Both tribes flags hang in the hockey arena. There's a beautiful statue of Sitting Bull boldly welcoming all who visit. The players did everything to uphold the pride and loyalty to the name during competition. Those who didn't were highly frowned upon. To me it's absurd to think that because I'm not blood-born Sioux, that I can't relate to what their history means. I proudly want to be a means something. I don't want to call myself a Sioux because of negative one does. We were proud, and we let people know it, and we fight for it because it has substance. Some idiots sitting in an office in Indianapolis will never understand that.
  6. There are a ton of no-nickname supporters that would support a nickname that was halfway decent. I'm one of them. I love my Sioux nickname, but it's gone, and I know that. It's not coming back. I was all-aboard the new nickname idea, and I think the amount of nickname ideas that were submitted proves that a lot of others were as well. Most were excited about the potential. We all knew it would never replace our beloved Sioux nickname, but there was a lot of optimism going in. Then the nicknames started getting pared down, and next thing you know you're left with some of the least inspiring names imaginable. NoDaks? Redundant. Sundogs? Really, that's like a double-A baseball nickname from Lord knows where.... North Stars? C'mon, not even the right state. Fighting Hawks? Not the worst of the list, but how many schools/teams with Native American ties have gone the hawk or predatory bird route? At least it keeps the "Fighting" in tact. Roughriders? It works on so many levels, but doesn't on too many others. Grand Forks is not a big place, and when you take the nickname of the local High School, it's awkward. Then throw in the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders (who use primarily kelly green) and the Saskatchewan RoughRiders (who also primarily use kelly green) and it no longer feels legitimate. Throw in the condom aspect (which doesn't bother referenced by the USC Trojans), and it's just too awkward in the end. I'm ready for a new name, as are most, but when these are our options, I'd rather have nothing at all.
  7. North Stars makes sense, since we're famous for peach farming, Mexican food, and our Redwood forest.
  8. Nodak is to Canuck as North Dakotan is to Canadian So, as a Nodak, is our logo a farmer or rigger? North Dakota isn't known for anything else.
  9. A buddy of mine is convinced that Spirit is what will be picked, and was has been picked behind the scenes long ago. The whole thing is a ruse to make people think they are involved in the process. When President Kelley came in really started implementing the term Spirit into many aspects of the university. It was his unifying term to bring all aspects of the school together. I can't find where he said it now, but he wanted all groups from athletics to academics to involve the spirit of UND. He didn't mention anything about the nickname, as that wasn't what the message was about, but if you could read between the lines, it sure seems like that's direction he wanted it to go. Somehow Spirit still stands as a nickname option as well. I think my buddy is making a lot of sense.
  10. I'm not trying to single you out or fault you specifically as there are many who have suggested Badlanders. But, why not North Dakota Superiors (after Lake Superior)? Or UND Yoopers (for UND's proximity to the UP of Michigan)? There are more, but I'll spare ya. Lake Superior is much closer to Grand Forks than the Badlands are, and the UP is about the same distance. Heck, you can fit the entire Hockey East Conference (save for Notre Dame) in the area between Grand Forks and the Badlands. The Badlands have almost zero connection to UND other than a part of the Badlands are in the same state, albeit hundreds of miles away. Flatlanders would be a much better suggestion.
  11. I submitted Kodiaks. PROS: +Sounds great with North Dakota/NoDak/UND in front of it +Fairly unique +Great logo opportunity +Marketable CONS: -Kodiaks aren't present in North Dakota -Despite Kodiaks being a unique name on its own, next-door-neighbor Montana is the Grizzlies There is no such thing as a perfect nickname for UND at this point. Each and every option has it's share of Cons, but which ones present the best combination of Pros? Kodiaks isn't necessarily perfect, but I think it'd be one of the better choices in my biased opinion.
  12. Big A HG

    Lion Concept

    I actually liked the "structured" look of the top of the mane because, to me, it looked like a crown, which is both fitting for lions (king of the jungle) and Royals.