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  1. Washington can beat the Kings. Washington can still beat the Rangers. Relax, people.
  2. The font looks a lot like Michigan State's custom font, just without the weird cut-outs. Comparison image anyone?
  3. I love the panel hat, the new logo, the new orange jersey, everything. The team even seems to be playing better. This series against Oakland was a matchup of two of the best-dressed teams in the MLB.
  4. Late reaction to the logo/identity. I really am frustrated because I like this kind of branding - sparse yet recognizable, it should fit perfectly in with the new Brooklyn "image" and the whole Jay-Z thing. Unfortunately execution is severely lacking. Unlike many, I think the absence of any color is fine, though like many, I wouldn't protest had they included gold. I just think that they were trying to create the next Yankees monogram, and the main logo just falls far flat. The brand, the image, it's fine; not so with the logo. I also enjoy andrewharrington's "insider" perspective - very insightful and it's fun to see the reasoning for everything Uniforms will be interesting. I foresee the thinness/awkwardness of the wordmark ruining what could be a nice simple look.
  5. Agreed - although the final score wasn't close, I definitely feel not terrible about our chances going forward. Holtby needs to step it up; Johansson should've scored on the assist from Backstrom; the Caps outshot NYR... all in all, not a disaster even though it's 0-1.
  6. I want the Ravens to take Burfict. I think he's talented, although obviously not as much as had been thought before the combine, and perhaps we could make it work. Plus, there's no way he runs amok with Ray Lewis in the locker room - and RL52 is his favorite player. I want him, if not just for fun, because he could pan out and it'd be something to get excited about in the 7th round.
  7. Don't take him away from the Orioles!
  8. At least he isn't afraid to admit when "the coaches are screwing it up!" He bailed on Weber State, his alma mater (!), after just 4 months of accepting the job there.
  9. but... but Katrina! and... and outreach! And Drew Brees.....BELIEVE....and stuff. His son! cute! Interesting how this is ESPN's original reporting and not a league report. Seems like the Saints are going to deny, deny, deny. It'll be quite a showdown between the two organizations. One of them is going to be in hot water depending on the outcome of the story, i.e. whether or not it's true.
  10. Germany and AA are by far the best. The Pan Am one is text-heavy, moreso for the Air Canada one (on which you need to remove the gradient for the logo). When you make the text rather than the insignia the prominent element, the design suffers and seems cluttered. It loses the striking simplicity you got with the other two
  11. regarding Peace on Earth... Look, it was bad. It seems even worse in slow motion. But Artest wasn't moving in slow motion. When I watch the replay in real-time, the elbow looks almost inadvertent. I'm not saying it was, because there's no way anyone celebrates like that. But to me it really did not seem as if Ron had sought Harden out; some say it was premeditated, I disagree. Perhaps most telling is his reaction, as it looks like he was seriously confused or unsure how bad the blow was. It looks like more of a "heat of the moment" play in which Ron's adrenalin took over his common sense. I don't want to see him get a Torres-like suspension. 5 games should be plenty.
  12. Very cool. I live near Baltimore, and one of my favorite pastimes is listening to the Cleveland Browns AM postgame shows the night after the Ravens (inevitably) beat them. There's a lot of residual hatred there, what with our evil theft of their franchise, and it makes for a hilarious show. Anecdotes aside, it's great news that Alfredsson is playing tonight - justice and all, yes, but I also have selfish motives. As a Capitals fan, it would be great for the Rangers to get KOd - although Ottawa will draw the Panthers, so "pick your poison." All of this, of course, assumes my Caps can pull off a road win in G7.