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  1. Going to order my hats tomorrow for the spring. Our school colors are navy and vegas gold. I have already ordered our navy hats (very similiar to Vandy hats). I am ordering two of the three. The hats are made by the game (wool) white hat, navy bill with navy eyelits navy back, white front panel, vegas bill vegas top button (think old baltimore hat) navy hat, vegas bill Which one's would you all pick? We have all white uniform, navy / vegas sleeve jersey, vegas jersey, and all grey.
  2. I do not have photoshop. Everything is 96 or 92 dpi.
  3. Wondering if anyone can help me out with this? The printing people want their pics in 300 dpi? How do I know what my pics dpi is? How do I change this?
  4. you all may be able to help. I was just named new High school Coach and am lookiing to order a white uniform. Our colors are Navy and vegas gold. I love Detroit's home uni but like blue trim around sleeves and neck (i.e. angels). I love South Carolinas SC. Would you outline Navy SC with white or just keep it Navy or would you spell out Shelby in that font? Also would you make number gold or navy on front? I also liked Cal Irvine's white jersey and hat? What to do? How do you think a hat with vegas gold front panel, with navy everything else would look? What about just NAvy with white SC logo? Any help would be appreciated? I am wanting a navy jersey and Vegas gold jersey to wear with white pants navy pipe.
  5. After putting many of my team's decals on myself, just wondering if team's equp. managers eyeball it when they place their decals on their helmets or do they have a more efficient way? Also wondering how you get them to have no air bubbles?
  6. As a huge SEC fan, I really enjoyed these. I am a season ticket holder at UK and wish they would spruce their field up a little. I thought Vandy and Georgia's were sharp. Keep up the good work.
  7. I am in need of some suggestions. The team I coach has orange helmets with blue facemask. What kinda uniforms would look good with this helmet.......note, I do not want to look like clowns.
  8. I like Purdue's uni's. I have always been a fan of the Braves/cardinals style unis. Vanderbilts are pretty interesting. How do you insert pic?????
  9. what are some favorite college baseball uniforms out there. I like the Troy crimson and white hat. Not a big fan of Tulane's grey with side panels. Also, like TCU unis.
  10. just wondering who you think has the best logo/wordmark in the minor leagues?
  11. vandy's old school concept has a nice "Natural" feel to it. I liked LSU's uniforms before they added black. I also like Arizona States before they went baggie pants. Speaking of bad uniforms, what about Miami's dark, dark grey uniforms. UGH!!!!
  12. I do like Stanford's white and grey vest look (Classic). IU new colors have provided a sharp home vest uni.
  13. what teams are expected to break out new uniforms this spring?
  14. In Kentucky you have the: Bowling Green purples (a purple ghost looking thing) Somerset Briar Jumpers Bryan Station Defenders (mascot is a big oversized Davy Crockett) Harrodsburg Pioneers or Hogs depending on which jersey they wear?????? Glascow Scotties Trinity Shamrocks