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  1. Damn, this colour of orange may be my favourite colour in the NBA of all time. I just loved this set. Back in the days when I kinda liked the Warriors.
  2. I don't know about the gold. It actually looks more like an Italy kit for me. s.
  3. The Argentina kit is just bad. It's not just the worst kit for Argentina, even in a vacuum it just looks bad.
  4. Next one is the USMNT.
  5. I love it! I just created something similar for the Socceroos on my project on the concepts section.
  6. Damn, these are great. Nearly every one of it is better than their men counterpart. England away is my favourite.
  7. I know. The 2014 kit was perfect for them. I just wanted to try something different for them. And the home kit actually looked better with yellow shorts imo. I tried it first with green, but then wanted to make the away kit all green. So I went with all yellow at home. btw. this is the kit I was inspired from:
  8. I really went wild on the Socceroos. The home kit is based on their early 90s kits.
  9. Yeah, I created a new badge for the Egyptians. The next team are the Tigers from South Korea. They participated in all World Cups since 1986, so it would be their 10th in a row.
  10. Since I wasn't quite satisfied with the Colombia kits, here's my second attempt.
  11. Thank you. Green was the traditional home colour of Egypt (they wore it in the 1934 World Cup) and they used it for their away uniforms until the early 2000s. I wanted to bring it back.
  12. Now the most succesfull national team from Africa and the Arabian world, Egypt.
  13. After the Netherlands missed the 2018 World Cup, they'll be back in 2022.