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  1. Girondins de Bordeaux returned to their old logo. I'm so glad, they should've never changed it in the first place.
  2. The Thunder really just took the old Warriors lightning identity and threw some sky blue in it.
  3. Bayer Leverkusen is finally back in some stripes. After 20 years!
  4. Just imagine the Bulls or Celtics to ever change their uniforms, and never ever can go back.
  5. Oldham Athletic got a new crest, and a new kit.
  6. I hope to see England in navy blue shorts today at least once. But I actually guess they'll be wearing the away kit.
  7. Hertha's new home kit is like the worst we ever had.
  8. It's 5 - 3 now, and overtime ain't over yet. And Croatia nearly scored the 5 - 4.
  9. I still have no idea who will win this tournament. There seems to be no real favorite thus far. I'm hoping for England though, but I'm guessing Italy.
  10. I like it very much. The colour scheme is great and exactly what they should've done. I hope they go back to red home kits with a white chest bar again. It would look great with some navy and sky blue details.
  11. Great game by Scotland yesterday. They had the better opportunities against the Three Lions. I really hope both will advance to the next round!
  12. I'm pleasantly surprised how much I like Italy in navy blue shorts. It's so much better than monochrome royal blue.
  13. If I was Messi, I'd think to myself, ok, that's the right time to leave.
  14. Nah, Turkey had a white home kit in the early 2000's as far as I remember. But other than that, they always wore red at home.
  15. I've been wondering for a while, why colored jerseys look so wrong at home in the NBA. I mean it looks right after they changed it in the NHL. I actually came up with the solution during these playoffs. It's the contrast between the jerseys and the court. When the Knicks wear blue at home it blends in with the blue courtlines and the paint. So the away team in white is so much more visible. In the NHL it's the other way around, because the ice is, you guessed it, white.
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