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  1. I'd love to see white shorts with orange socks.
  2. Socks are inspired by the kits Adidas made ca. 1998.
  3. Here's Nashville's home shirt:
  4. The new China away kit turns out to be white, blue and red. Aren't that the colours of the Republic of China / Taiwan?
  5. The Jazz court looked so good last night. The 90's NBA was such a treasure.
  6. Hertha's 30 years fall of the Berlin Wall kit:
  7. Seems like we won't see this sponsor placement in the Championship, because it is actually forbidden in official matches. Thank god, because the kit itself is pretty nice.
  8. The Leeds centenary shirt is pretty underwhelming. What's with the grey?
  9. Seems like it's real afterall.
  10. And here is Union's full set of uniforms: