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  1. Bit bigger version of the hertha kit. It's so damn good.
  2. Some new work I've done. Germany: Hertha BSC: Chelsea: Eintracht Braunschweig: Greuther Fürth: Slavia Praha:
  3. I love both of them. The font is interesting, too.
  4. Thats the new badge of LOSC! I'm not sure at all weather I like it or not.
  5. Ryan Bertrand with his CL debut today!
  6. Thats pretty nice. You will like it here during tournament. WCs and ECs are the only times where germans can show some kinds of national pride and patriotism.
  7. And the Oscar to the most stupid fans on earth goes to... Fortuna Düsseldorf! The fans celebrated their relegation before the game was over. This will have lawful consequences.
  8. I always liked the Heat court and always saw the spanish flag in the red and yellow.
  9. German Cup Final: Dortmund 5 - 2 Bayern! Damn, Dortmund killed Bayern the last 5 (!) games they've met. And today they would've killed every team!
  10. I lost the faith throughout the season, which was covered with mismanagement. But by the way, nice signa and avatar.
  11. Actually it looks like a big 'H'.
  12. Seems that Berlin will be the only european capital without a team in the first soccer division again. Hertha lost 1 - 2 in the first playoff game.
  13. Borussia Dortmund new home kit:
  14. I really like your work on the caps. Well done!
  15. Course. The Köln Fans made negative things several times this year. But I don't mind because Hertha is in the Play-Offs (against Düsseldorf, St. Pauli or Paderborn) and has the chance to stay in the league.
  16. Lukas Podolski to Arsenal and Marko Marin to Chelsea. The german fans are sceptic.
  17. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I will change a lil things on these Unis. First I want to show you my other creations I've done. So, I tried to create an optimized look for the Pistons. And additionally a new alternate uni for the Nuggets. PS: I like it retro!
  18. Heyho America! I just started my work on some NBA teams. I begin with the Brooklyn Nets and potential Jerseys for them. Additionally a court.
  19. I thought the same. Would be nicer with this Badge.
  20. Thank you! Now I'm ready for the Euro!
  21. The Fans with their Samsung 3D TVs will watch Lyon games with two 3D-glasses. One for the game and one for the shirts.
  22. I'm not sure at all weather I like this or not. My thoughts are between brilliant and awful. Have to wait for the Jerseys (haha, irony).