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  1. So, here is the red DC-Jersey. I do not like it that much. I think there should be more white on this shirt.
  2. Exaccardis soccer-sigs are great. Would like to see one for Arsenal FC.
  3. Why are you showing a hockey picture? Watch this.
  4. I tried one for my favorite soccer team: Hertha BSC Berlin
  5. Wouldn´t that look better?
  6. Hey, some of your designs are amazing. I also do some Soccer stuff. I can show you some of my ideas. FC Schalke 04: Hamburger SV: FC Twente: I also did some Basketball-things. ALBA Berlin:
  7. Hmm, I don´t know if this is awsome or awfull. Perhaps it combines both in one logo.
  8. Haha, these are awsome. Espacially the Dolphins one. It´s shushi-time!!!
  9. Would be nice if you could make me a Knicks one.