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  1. The Vancouver Grizzlies would not have used teal as primary colour and they would've relocated to Miami.
  2. What if the Suns kept him and didn't trade him to Dallas? Wouldn't have made much of a difference- he went back to Phoenix for his prime years. Yeh, but I guess Dirk's first years would've been more diffucult without him.
  3. What if the Vancouver Grizzlies drafted Steve Nash in 1996? I think there would be a chance that the Grizzlies would still be in Vancouver today. Same with Kobe and the original Hornets.
  4. I love this court so much. Toronto just nailed it with this court!
  5. Oh, these are made by Peak? I haven't recognized that yet. Hopefully they make it to the final.
  6. I'm a Berliner and I even don't know much about the Sch├╝tzenfest. ^^ It's an awsome concept btw and an awsome idea. Also home and away are nice and solid concepts. Much better than what they've ever worn.
  7. Nice work. I also always kinda liked the rainbow kits. When I think of Bochum I think of their Bundesliga years last decade and their rainbow kits. ^^ Looking forward to M├╝nster. Not easy to design imo.
  8. Wow, Orlando should go with these and stay with them forerver!
  9. Yup, with the star on the shorts these would be perfect. And the blue has to be more royal imo.
  10. I like the bottom left the best. But I'd make the magenta less pinkish. So red, orange and black would be the thing to go for me.
  11. Yes! The secondary logo is not ideal, but the shorts are just sexy.
  12. I love it! When the Bucks rebrand they should really go the Hornets way and introduce an alternate logo based on this old beauty.
  13. I totally agree. The Bucks are one of my favourite franchises in sports and I also think they should redesign around that logo: My black New Era snapback with that logo is just awsome!
  14. I just recognized something: The two stripes of the Rockets' shorts go together at the bottom, while the two stripes on the jersey don't do that at the top of the shoulders. Now that really bothers me.
  15. Wow, the European club teams looked very classy in the late 80s, early 90s. I very like those.
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