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  1. I'm surprised that the sash on the back is legal.
  2. Hamburg finally accomplished to qualify for the 2. Bundesliga. They worked the whole decade on this goal. So congratulations!
  3. I love it that either Liverpool or Roma will make it to the final. I'll definitely root for them.
  4. Would be great to see Portugal in green shorts again some time. But I like their looks anyway most of the time.
  5. I hope Serbia wears blue shorts and white socks. Pleaso no monochrome red.
  6. Ghana and Austria should be the home kit anyway.
  7. This might be my favourite England home kit ever.
  8. What the heck happened during my holidays?
  9. The stripe is also on the back? Is that even legal?
  10. Interesting article about FIFA's kit rules for the World Cup.
  11. I mean, the early 90s were old school in 2007. So why not?
  12. 77% say yes. Me too.