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  1. After a few years of abstinence, I'm back with another soccer project. I'll create the kits for 32 national teams for the 2022 World Cup. All I can say is that it could get very 80's - 90's inspired. The first team is the hosting nation of Qatar.
  2. Udinese wore 11 different kits from the last seasons against Lazio, due to a charity auction,
  3. I really like all of these. Gladbach might be a little too much, but I have to see it in a game.
  4. I need to add my point of view to this topic. I also became a huge fan of the NBA like 10 - 12 years ago when the home team wore white and every franchise had a stable set of two to three jerseys for several years. Now, since we are on a forum for sports asthetics you can guess that it also was the asthetics of an NBA game that took my attention to the sport. I don't find the current uniform situation in the NBA pleasing in any way and I actually lost a lot of interest in the sport because of that. I mean when I became a fan I knew every uniform of every NBA franchise. I watched some games just because the matchup was so damn good looking. Today every franchise has like 5 uniforms and three of them are changing every single year. That's insane. Nowbody can tell me that a Lakers @ Nets matchup with the Lakers in yellow and the Nets in some crazy City Pride Uniform (or how they call it) is more asthetically pleasing than a classic purple against white uniform game.
  5. Here's a better picture of the new NYRB kit. Wait...
  6. I'd kinda like this. I mean the font could be better and the shorts should be white, but the rest looks pretty good in my opinion.
  7. I like it. The idea is pretty good. But the one that is brilliant in my opinion is Borussia Mönchengladbach!
  8. But the Mavs won it in 2011, not 2010.
  9. Actually, I'd love to see a UEFA CL final to be played in South America.
  10. I'd love Cincinnati to wear a royal blue primary shirt, paired with white shorts and orange socks. The league already has too many monochromatic kits.
  11. I almost think this would be my favourite primary logo in the MLS.
  12. There's two other things I don't like. Only two red stripes in the blue part just look wrong to me (reminds me of UD Levante somehow). The other issue for me is that the St-George's cross doesn't mirror the left side of the black border anymore and is basically just a square.
  13. I'm so glad they don't change. The updated crest looked like Pro Evolution Soccer didn't get the license of Barca. They should do just a mix between the two. Quick suggestion of mine:
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