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  1. Almost every recruit that comes to visit is in either the solid white, or white helmet/orange jersey/white pants. Its funny... for someone who was known for doing many uniforms each season and a fast tempo offense, he has went the complete opposite way. Little variety the last 2 years with uniforms, and super telegraphed, lethargic offense
  2. Nothing brings me more joy right now that for the Braves to not only be back-to-back NL East division winners, but no one in sports media picked them at all before the season, and even when they were on a tear, ESPN and FOX was more focused on the Phillies and the Nats. Braves flew under the radar, and are a better team than so many people give them credit for. I'm pumped for October baseball!
  3. ^yep, just saw a video of Baker warning up and had solid Orange socks on. Makes that uniform look so much better
  4. Why not. Especially when the appearance of that blue changes in different lighting, and both the Giants and Rams were the ones that had Navy shell with Royal jerseys. I think it would look pretty decent
  5. Completely agree with this as well. And if they wanted to have a "white out" or something like that, they could do the Royal/White throwback set for that game.
  6. My ideal scenario for the Rams would be for them to have a the current royal home jersey, the old white away jersey, a new gold jersey with Royal accents, and then a white "fearsome foursome" "throwback/color rush". The helmets would be Royal blue, with either an the finish thats on the Vikings helmets or the Giants helmets, and a royal blue mask. Gold horns for the Home royal, Road white, and Alternate gold, and White horns for the throwback/color rush alternate.
  7. Virginia Tech going with Orange/Maroon/Maroon for their Orange Effect game this weekend. I love the helmets, and am very glad that they made a return after being gone for last year, however I was hoping for the orange jersey or pants to make an appearance this weekend as well.
  8. The funny thought I had last night as I turned the game on was that we were in for a page or two of comments on here saying that Texans with Red Socks and Saints with Black Pants was needed, lol
  9. What an ending in New Orleans! I turned it on for the last 7 minutes, to two teams I usually hate to watch, and was highly entertained
  10. It kills me how the Braves are 6.5 games up in the East, and still just as hot as they have been all season, but the only East teams that get talked about on ESPN and Fox Sports are the Nats and the Phillies
  11. I really wish the logos were higher up on the sleeves
  12. That's also the Independence Day hats, not All Star Game.
  13. I feel like since Oregon has been using Black uniform elements for as long as they have been, they wouldn't drop it from rotation, so I would keep them. I would keep the White helmet as well, they love the all white look
  14. The past few years, it has been Black for Friday, and Orange for Saturday, both at home, and on the road.
  15. As far as helmets are concerned, I would like either a different finish on the navy helmet, like Minnesota's, or the white helmet/navy facemask For the jerseys, I would definitely make the red one the primary. Pants, I would use the color rush blue set for the blue pants.