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  1. Pete Alonzo for the Mets has been wearing an Orange belt this series against the Braves, and it bothers me so much.
  2. If it were a decal you wouldn’t see the over spray, and the black wouldn’t go down into the cracks and such.
  3. The cardboard cutout of fans behind the plate last night was hilarious and awesome at the same time. I’d be okay with that for a while!
  4. Remember back when we had the Titans/Jaguars on TNF each year... yea, that was a bad
  5. Yea, and the shot in the video had one of the new jerseys with that badge on the collar. I wish the numbers had a different color outline than what color the Jersey is.
  6. It reminds me of the font on the top of the Virginia Tech Scoreboard...
  7. ...Pretty sure that's the helmet setup for the Navy Color Rush uniform. Its the only one that has a Navy facemask.
  8. Or yellow uniform with the bolts as stripes just like other sets
  9. Adam Schefter just said on Get Up that 1:00PM is the unveiling time
  10. I'm going to guess that there will be a Powder, White, and Yellow Jersey and Pants, with either Yellow/Yellow or Powder/Powder will be their color rush
  11. when you play the game in dodger stadium, the AL is with a grey base.
  12. If this is the set, I wouldn't be surprised if the Swoosh was the element of the uniform that was orange. That way the color is still present
  13. Matte helmets look more like the hat material, so I prefer the Matte helmets more
  14. My only complaint so far is the White on the socks. Should've been yellow
  15. If the helmet is red... I would guess that it has some sort of annodized/satin/matte finish rather than the molded red helmet like they've worn in the past.