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  1. Don't forget the banner picture that shows a loading bar along with new era. Could be nothing, but a good chance that it is a switch
  2. it definitely has the can opener feel when a wreck happens. Between complete bumpers coming off, and the spitter just destroying the front end, idk how anyone is able to get back on the track if they have the slightest of wrecks
  3. The numbers have perforations in them to make them "lighter" but you can see the material on the other side
  4. The Oklahoma uniform is on an older template. The one Arkansas has is the newest Nike template. This is the Oklahoma template for this year, as posted in the College Baseball Thread
  5. Yea, and they say the Blue jerseys are bad luck...
  6. That is absurd. I get it that he is one of the top QBs in the league, but they are out of their minds. This feels like "we'll we put it out there and no one took us up on the offer, I guess we aren't trading him" mentality...
  7. And... We are in a world where some teams have 2 alternates now, and it used to be limited to just one alternate. Just saying... things change, and I could see a team like Baltimore or Houston that have only had one helmet color in their history, say that if Tampa can have a second helmet for their throwbacks, we should be able to have one for our "Battle Red" or Purple Color Rush uniform. Just a thought...
  8. and if a team doesn’t have a throwback helmet to add, how long til one of them files a complaint to the league requesting a secondary helmet to be worn?
  9. That is a pretty clean baseball template, and hope that will be what we see in the MLB. The countless seams of the older templates are overkill and look more like BP uniforms than anything else
  10. And for all teams to send him to... ugh. Was hoping for a few years without St. Louis in the hunt. I am curious to see his production when he’s not playing half of his schedule in Coors Field. His stats should come back to reality a little bit.
  11. After thinking about it today... the Braves are going to have a ton of jersey patches this year. The all star patch, 150 seasons patch, Neikro and Aaron memorials... could become cluttered if they don’t do it right
  12. Considering they had the Red and Pewter for their Super Bowl victory, I think seeing the current set run out would be a cool sight to see after the last few years of the abomination that was the last set.
  13. i would remove the side panels, change to block font, and use the pants stripe to the one similar to the first picture. I do like the sleeve cap stripes like the current jerseys. I would also get rid of orange yokes of the away uniforms as well. That is super unnecessary
  14. Some of the Rams players with white accessories today. What a bad idea. They have every accessory available in the Bone color, why oh why would one break out white accessories with this uniform. Solid blue maybe, but not with this jersey