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  1. I'm going to guess that there will be a Powder, White, and Yellow Jersey and Pants, with either Yellow/Yellow or Powder/Powder will be their color rush
  2. when you play the game in dodger stadium, the AL is with a grey base.
  3. If this is the set, I wouldn't be surprised if the Swoosh was the element of the uniform that was orange. That way the color is still present
  4. Matte helmets look more like the hat material, so I prefer the Matte helmets more
  5. My only complaint so far is the White on the socks. Should've been yellow
  6. If the helmet is red... I would guess that it has some sort of annodized/satin/matte finish rather than the molded red helmet like they've worn in the past.
  7. Wonder if that ends up getting worn at home with the White Pinstripes? The standard Brown Jersey is the official Road Jersey, so... I don't think it could be worn at home
  8. All I wanted was a 3 game wildcard series, rather than the singular game. The whole season is played in series, the rest of the play offs are played in a series, why cant the wild card be played in a series as well
  9. Ahh, some life and individuality to the field rather than XFL 1.0!
  10. How often do we see those same stripes at various heights of the leg, from the ankle all the way above mid calf? Or the players that have multiple striped sections worn on their legs. Same thing goes for how variations of the length of bottom white portion of the socks are shown. Don't get me wrong, they are amazing when everyone wears them the correct way... but that doesn't happen
  11. This is why sock stripes in the NFL will not work in this day and age... too much ‘individuality’ and ‘look at me’ mentality...
  12. How is Oregon considered the south? Or is it based on where he was born?
  13. There is still room to the left of the chiefs wordmark for a helmet to be painted
  14. And with exception to the 2015 game... winner has been in their white jersey
  15. It is very refreshing to not have a red team in the CFP finals for a change. I know Clemson has been in it for the past several years, but to not see Bama in the game is a nice change of pace. I noticed the white number patches for LSU the other day on twitter and thought that it looked strange. Definitely would be better with Black numbers I have never enjoyed watching a game in the Super Dome. Saints games or any college game that's played in there always feel dingy and the colors look awful. I wish they would upgrade their lighting or something. The fact that they don't paint their endzones makes it worse.