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  1. College teams all across the country wear dark colors at home in the same hot temperatures, so why can't the pros?
  2. There's too much white at home going on in today's NFL. It saddens me to see so much of it when there are so many nice looking color jerseys
  3. Virginia Tech unveiled their new uniforms tonight, not too bad in my opinion. Football moves to an updated template, which is a plus in my opinion https://twitter.com/falsename23/status/723677377381969920 https://twitter.com/falsename23/status/723684226806222849
  4. Dodgers are in the Los Angeles jerseys today in Atlanta
  5. Also, the Marlins have been on the cusp of playing well the last two seasons before Stanton and Fernandez missed a lot of time with injuries. If healthy, I see the Mets, Marlins, and Nats all three battling for the division.
  6. I think the vikes looked pretty good... i didnt get to see video, just still shots, but they dont look bad.
  7. The black mask isnt that big of a deal, seriously. When you look at the helmet from a distance, like most of the camera views of the TV during action, the black does not jump out, and doesnt force your focus to the facemask like the grey would... at least the outline of the horns are black, yes i realize some of you are against that, but whatever, it is how it is, and that outline has been there for a while now... the grey would look so out of place with these new modern-traditional uniforms. purple masks would be nice, but they are black, and will be black for a few years now...
  8. i never liked that uniform but i agree the color palette is really nice. very sporty and energetic. probably too "retro" now for them to ever go that way full time though the only way they could do this, would be it the orange was brighter, and the helmets were pearlized like the Giants helmets are now, or just even a metallic flake... the solid blue, painted shell looks horrible now compared to how flashy things are
  9. See... i always think Marcus Vick with the one sleeve... which led to this NCAA "Fad"
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