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  1. And for all teams to send him to... ugh. Was hoping for a few years without St. Louis in the hunt. I am curious to see his production when he’s not playing half of his schedule in Coors Field. His stats should come back to reality a little bit.
  2. After thinking about it today... the Braves are going to have a ton of jersey patches this year. The all star patch, 150 seasons patch, Neikro and Aaron memorials... could become cluttered if they don’t do it right
  3. Considering they had the Red and Pewter for their Super Bowl victory, I think seeing the current set run out would be a cool sight to see after the last few years of the abomination that was the last set.
  4. i would remove the side panels, change to block font, and use the pants stripe to the one similar to the first picture. I do like the sleeve cap stripes like the current jerseys. I would also get rid of orange yokes of the away uniforms as well. That is super unnecessary
  5. Some of the Rams players with white accessories today. What a bad idea. They have every accessory available in the Bone color, why oh why would one break out white accessories with this uniform. Solid blue maybe, but not with this jersey
  6. this is why some sort of salary cap needs to be implemented. I know it will never happen, but...
  7. the idea that that the season happened to finish with the final 4 that we got, is the point I was trying to make. The one year to experiment with a G5 team, and we still get the same teams in the semifinals
  8. That was the case with the "final 4" that they picked.
  9. And recently, Rivera made comments that he liked the white on white, and he waited for the big game against the Steelers to break them out. I don’t think there is a coach in the pros that spends hours deciding what uniform to wear during the season. Maybe a five minute decision, but that’s all I could think of
  10. I don’t mind this part at all. I rather prefer teams wear team color at home as often as possible.
  11. At first I was thinking it could be a yellow set, but I could be a white set, in the style of the blue set, where the sleeves are yellow and have the blue shoulder stripes, like an updated version of the old white jerseys
  12. I like the two middle options the best. I think the green between the silver and white help to separate and define the wing a little bit more. That is my main complaint with the throwback kelly helmet.
  13. The helmet stripes mimic the basketball application, but then the collar and pants are just on the base color of those parts.
  14. The helmet stripes mimic the basketball application, but then the collar and pants are just on the base color of those parts.
  15. The sky cam shot of the Titans/Texans game where Tannehill almost threw an interception convinced me that some consideration should factor into what uniform choice teams go with. There was so much Navy blue moving around, that it was hard to tell who was where. I know one was in white jerseys, but still. It was a visual mess.
  16. Not that I like the brown pants, but one could argue that the striping does match the white pants with the Orange/Brown/Orange pattern. I also think it can only work with the white jersey because the striping could be viewed as B/O/B/O/B just like the white jersey/sock striping.
  17. Texas has an opening, and looks like they are going after Sark rather than Urban...
  18. We decided to use Purple and Carolina Blue for the travel softball team I coach, and the matching of the Blues are the hardest thing ever. I regret it every now and then and wish we would’ve used a different color with Purple.
  19. Isn’t that the truth! I laughed at the people who were excited to have Bortles as the JAX qb.
  20. isn’t that what happens for a lot of 1st and 2nd round games in basketball, or other sports that crown a national champion for team sports? Currently, FBS doesn’t have a national champion. It’s an invitational determined primarily in July. “Four best teams” is the most annoying phrase that can be said in the talk show debates. If that is the case, then we will still be seeing Bama, Clemson, OSU, OU, ND in the same top 6 spots in 10 years, due to the number of 5 stars on their roster that makes them the ‘best teams’. If there was ever a year to put a Group 5 team in the mix, this wa the year. But we’re going to get 2 blowouts in the semifinals, and another boring Bama/Clemson championship game. Drives me insane. This didn’t become popular on ESPN broadcasts until Saban broke down film on gameday one morning, and then because he said it, and they drool all over everything he does, they can’t say it enough. David Pollock says it a ton too.
  21. That’s going to be rough with the anniversary patch and all star patch the same year.
  22. I really got confused about it, especially when I saw the Alamo Bowl patch, which is clearly white, and feels like a different color than the jersey
  23. Texas looks like they are wearing off white uniforms. I don’t think they are... but this lighting has made me question it a few times.
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