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  1. I figured Snell would be gone after he reacted like he did for getting pulled during the WS, but it’ll be interesting to see how he handles having to hit most outings, as well as how he handles a lineup after the second time through. I guess we’ll learn if he is a true Cy Young pitcher or just an average one. He’ll have a huge advantage with that SD ballpark, but, and a favorable matchup depending where he lands in that rotation. I think the Rays made the right move and got a great return
  2. This Coastal team is super young, so I believe they will be back to a similar place next year. The number of blatant holds that they didn’t flag was crazy. There were three that I remember that specifically gave up a first down, and a ref was looking right at the hold.
  3. Coastal’s field looks great under the lights, but in daylight? Not so much...
  4. Also, the point of Auto-Bids... They offer a clear, unobjective way to have the ability to compete for the championship. You know what you need to do at the beginning of the year. Just like the NFL, NBA, D2, D3, Basketball, softball, volleyball, ect. You want to guarantee your way to the playoff... Win your conference, which means perform well in regular season to get in the conference championship game. Use a select set of bowl games to host finals, semi finals, and quarter finals, and rotate them each year, just like the set up now. This opens up a chance for more opportunities to compete, rather than the same handful of teams that are determined in July. If you truly are the one of the "best teams in the country", then win your conference and prove it.
  5. Kirk Herbstreit, even though it involves Ohio State, agrees that the CFP needs to change. Splitting the P5 and G5 apart from one another is a ridiculous idea as well. Some of those G5 teams fought for years to get to the FBS level, and then to get pseudo-demoted because they are in the wrong conference is dumb. There are teams that win championships every year, in EVERY league, that did not have the best records or the highest payroll. That would be like putting the Yankees and Dodgers in the World series every year to play against each other because they "have the best team" on paper. https://247sports.com/Article/Kirk-Herbstreit-wants-changes-College-Football-Playoff-system-Alabama-Clemson-Ohio-State-157104268/
  6. It’s not a true play off. It’s the ESPN recruiting class invitational. The biggest line they use that irks me to no ends is when the mention the “4 best teams” but never the 4 best seasons. I truly get annoyed that a Baylor/TCU from a few years ago scenario has to have a perfect season and Bama/OSU/Clemson/Oklahoma to lose multiple games, but if the Baylor/TCU type seasons lose one game, they fall out of contention. An 8 or 16 team playoff with automatic bids for conference championships make the most sense to crown a true National Champion. As it is now, no one from the G5 schools can ever dream of a national championship, and if they claim one, like so many schools of the past do, they get made fun of and “it doesn’t really count”
  7. Honestly... for some reason, I have a feeling that Black pants and a Black Jersey will be included for options with a rebrand. I don't know why, but I just see it happening
  8. I had thought about mid day that tonight would be a perfect time for white on white for Washington, and when I didn’t see the locker setup by 3:30, I figured it would be something different. I was pleased with it. A decent change of pace. I love all of their looks except white over gold
  9. From a distance it doesn't look too bad. I just dont like how many seams there are. The current template is practically perfect as far as how clean it is with lack of seams.
  10. If they did revert to the throwbacks, I would want them to create a set of aqua pants to wear with white striped socks. I like the look of white over aqua
  11. No, Every other sport at UVa uses a heavy amount of orange in their unis. They for some reason have only worn Blue or White uniforms for basketball since Tony Bennett took over.
  12. Minnesota going gold white gold, with white M decals/facemask/striping
  13. Red socks would've looked decent with last night's set as well.
  14. Yep. Exactly this. This jersey shocked me in 2005 when they broke it out. Right after they played their first game in these, I remember getting the Braves Clubhouse Catalog and these jerseys being front and center on the cover. I finally got a Dan Uggla version in 2012, only for him to be released 2 years later. I hated the Stars and Stripes red jersey, so when the introduced the current one, I was happy. But still would like to see the triple piping return.
  15. I wonder if that will lead to a blue "Gators" Script helmet at some point later in the season? I could see it with the same type of stripes the white helmet uses
  16. My favorite part is the striped leggings. This is what the NFL needs to go with so that the "sock" Striping could be consistent.
  17. My only gripe of this jersey, and honestly the red jersey, is that it doesn't have the same type of three color headspoon/sleeve piping that the white and grey jersey have. It should be White/Red/White on the Blue, and White/Navy/White on the red jersey. Those slight changes would make that the perfect Atlanta set, and could interchange the blue or red for home or away games.
  18. A better look at Miami Louisville also dropped a new ‘retro’ alternate
  19. the Current one, yes. They haven’t worn the Navy on Navy since 2018. Their Spring Training jersey is Navy on navy, but they’ve not worn one in 2 years for games
  20. the Braves dropped that Navy jersey. Their current Navy is the red lettered one.
  21. That is the alternate hat they have worn with the light blue jersey for the past year or so
  22. will be a fun looking game with VT in White/White/Orange
  23. I also appreciated the players that used the white legging look rather than the blue sock/legging look with the Blue pants for this past week's game
  24. Ravens play on natural grass now, not turf. So if white pants are turf only, then they won’t be in Baltimore
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