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  1. I really wish the logos were higher up on the sleeves
  2. That's also the Independence Day hats, not All Star Game.
  3. I feel like since Oregon has been using Black uniform elements for as long as they have been, they wouldn't drop it from rotation, so I would keep them. I would keep the White helmet as well, they love the all white look
  4. The past few years, it has been Black for Friday, and Orange for Saturday, both at home, and on the road.
  5. As far as helmets are concerned, I would like either a different finish on the navy helmet, like Minnesota's, or the white helmet/navy facemask For the jerseys, I would definitely make the red one the primary. Pants, I would use the color rush blue set for the blue pants.
  6. I'd keep all three helmet options, but primarily use the blue one. Keep the gold helmet for the yearly Gold Rush game, and the white isn't a bad alt look for the road games. If the number font was different, and the black sleeve caps had been changed out for blue, the last version would've looked great.
  7. It's funny how different colored accessories completely change the look of a uniform. I was surprised to see this on Saturday, and was really pleased to see how good it looks! The only think I hate seeing is when players wear different colored accessories for the same uniform in the game.
  8. I like the both sets so far. I would like to see a Brown cap with yellow bill on it to be pared with the Road or Brown Alternate
  9. They claimed that they were going to experiment with a few different helmet finishes that season, but the carbon was the only variation they used in game
  10. I could see Utley having his number retired, and maybe Rollins... but Howard's career didn't last long enough, and Hamels is kinda a wild card, he's bounced around since Philly, and never really won any awards except some all star nominations since 2008
  11. That Nike baseball template has been around for a few years, I'm sure that they will have a new template to roll out with the MLB takeover. For the most part, Nike's baseball uniforms are fairly restrained. The main reason college teams have so many uniforms is that they play 3 game series on the road, and pack enough uniforms so they don't have to do laundry while away from home. I feel with a league as traditional as the MLB is, there will still be the same teams with the Home/Road/Alt or just Home/Road sets. I'm sure there will still be the Mother's Day/Father's Day/4th of July/Memorial Day uniforms, but I can't imagine that they will look much different than they currently do, with the exception of the swoosh on the jersey.
  12. I wish they would just take their current set, get rid of the black on the blue jersey, and go back to the Pat White era numbers and be done with it
  13. I'm thinking that they make changes to the black after the first year of them, once teams have a hard time reading their numbers from the pressbox or something.
  14. They aren’t wearing solid white. It’ll be their standard away uniform
  15. My only wish would’ve been piping for the Red and Navy jerseys that would have matched the home and road, where it would be w/n/w and w/r/w respectively
  16. It wouldn't happen, but the Bears at least wear an orange uniform. Chiefs and Vikings don't wear uniforms of their other colors
  17. And I am perfectly fine with that! I do wish that the red and white were swapped on those version of the stance socks
  18. Promotional Giveaways have been tweeted out... it looks like singular blue piping, and the tomahawk is sticking around.
  19. I'm hoping for a new Navy Jersey That has the Headspoon Piping to match the white and grey jerseys, and a Red script "Braves" with Red Tomahawk. I like the current Navy, but would prefer it to be more along the lines of the other jerseys. I also hope for a new Red, more similar to the previous one and not the Stars/Stripes version. This would make their whites and reds for home, and grey and navys for away games, with the red or navy jerseys limited to once or twice a week.
  20. So... Tulo to the Yankees was bad enough, but now they are about to sign DJ LeMahieu, to an already full infield of Didi Gregorious, and their homegrown Torres and Andujar. The only redeeming quality that the Yankees had in my opinion the past year or so is that they had finally seemed to start going the route of using the talent from their own system. Now we are back to the over inflated free agent contracts.
  21. Another year, and the Padres STILL cant decide on what color scheme they want their organization to be!!
  22. It's funny to me that as much as people complain about socks and pants being the same color, they also want the White/White/Navy to be worn against the Patriots... a team that also has a bunch of Navy in their uniform...
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