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  1. I agree. I think Ole Miss would be well served to lean towards a 60's Oilers color scheme and move away from grey. Powder and Scarlet with white. Unique, distinctive and a call back to one of the best periods of OM football.
  2. While I agree with you that the Titans should put more emphasis on the columbia blue given our fanbase's insistence that the Oilers' history is our own, it's disingenous to imply that Tennessee doesn't wear columbia at all or that it is the defining color of our time in Nashville. Honestly, when I think of the Titans I think of white and navy with some columbia thrown in. The McNair-George era was almost always white-navy-white (including the Super Bowl). This trend continues to last season where we wore navy-white-navy for the something like 5 of the last 7 games, including the whole playoff run. To your point, I think Tennessee needs to drop the grey, focus on columbia and navy, and use silver as a tertiary color. Drop the beveling on the sword yokes, contain them to the shoulder, and make them columbia or navy only. And minimize red to only a quarternary at best. It's got a history both with the Oilers and with the defenses of the 90's, but it looks out of place being shoehorned in only on the swoosh. Also - last season, Tennessee wore columbia over navy (our best combo) in probably the most defining win of the regular season over Kansas City. And I believe we are wearing the same combo this weekend against Pittsburgh.
  3. Ehh... Just let people express themselves how they please. Do I think it looks stupid and provides an easier way to be grabbed and slung around? Yes, I do. But I probably wear or have worn some dumb stuff in the name of looking cool and I'm glad people weren't paying enough attention to me to care.
  4. Mullen clearly bringing back this "big game" combo from the Meyer era. I dig - though I am partial to when the Gators go O-B-O
  5. That's not really a cool thing to say. Autism doesn't equate to stupid, illogical or poor taste. Try another figure of speech.
  6. I don't get the hate for the bumble bee Michigan alts. Would much rather see something like that, which at least has a semblance of meaning to it, than a bright yellow jersey for lolz
  7. Your designs really are great. The design they chose is lesser in almost every aspect, and even your modifications of it are superior. Would love to see your take on other high schools. The quality you've produced is definitely good enough to be a school's official marks.
  8. Even high schools in the US have to recondition once a year. When you only have one helmet for every player and they wear them every day, they can get pretty beat up. Those look like helmets you see on high school teams after spring ball, summer and fall camp.
  9. The SEC could do the same thing. Makes about as much sense as having Missouri in the East and Auburn in the West. Alabama, Arkansas, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Miss St, UGA, Ole Miss (a stretch, but they really like that red jersey) Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Mizzou
  10. Bammers... smh. Hey... That guy's cool
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