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  1. Great switch. I wonder what this means for the white jersey. Will they eventually make that with powder blue accents (instead of the navy)? And does the navy jersey become alternate or do they not wear it at all? I hope yes to the first question and they may as well not even wear the navy since they have the Color Rush.
  2. This slipped through the cracks, but the Stamps store is selling off all Outlaw helmets because all teams will only have one helmet for this upcoming season: It's bittersweet because it means we finally get rid of the Stampeders' black away helmets, but we also lose out on the amazing outlaw helmets. I'll take it though. It will be interesting to see which helmet the Lions wear this season.
  3. Logically, it looks like the Lions are getting new uniforms. If they were going to be the same, why not just use the image of the one Reilly was holding up? Instead, they use black numbers with outlines for each jersey image there. I hope there's more colour balance with the new uniforms. I wasn't a big fan of the Adidas Orange-Black home and Orange-White away uniforms.
  4. What are the Alouettes wearing?? They look like practice jerseys! It's like a blue version of the jerseys they wore in the 1950s. Do you know why either team was wearing these? I can't think of any anniversaries that would have occurred in 2001 for either team.
  5. I like it, they tried something different. Not every hockey sweater needs stripes, piping and/or yokes. I think the simplistic design will sell well with non-traditional fans.
  6. Wow, they've also worn that combo every time they've played. In the entire history of this match up, both team has worn their primary home look; Cowboys always in whites, Seahawks always in monochrome blue (2002-2018) or blue over silver (1976-2001). Well now I'm rooting for the Seahawks to wear blue monochrome since that's amazingly standardized amidst the Color Rush and alternate age we live in. Source: http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=head-to-head&team_id_a=DAL&team_id_b=SEA
  7. I hope the league makes an effort to recognize the last two remaining charter members of the NFL - the Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals. They're not scheduled to play one another in 2019, but it would be fun if they played the hall of fame game in retro uniforms or something. And while they're at it, the Cardinals can change their uniforms so they look like a properly storied franchise (even if most of their stories suck).
  8. Oh baby, that teal with gold accents looks great! It really pops the colour. It's also a nice throwback to the original colour scheme with gold as an accent colour. And a bit of a throwback to the Sacramento Gold Miners.
  9. Funny enough, I'm from Vancouver, own that Grizzlies jersey, but hadn't thought of that comparison. Good example though. I was more thinking along the lines of the Cleveland Browns' shade of brown (so quite a bit darker) and having the teal fairly light. So, something like this:
  10. Ya got me, I'm more just making up random marketing speak to get a colour scheme I want to see haha. There are four black teams in the league, so forget that! Upon Google Image searching "schooner", I see some brown in there.
  11. I'm not as on board with the team being blue or navy blue primarily because the Argos, Blue Bombers, and Alouettes (in 2019) will be be blue dominant. And then you have the Riders and Eskimos as green dominant. Is there any reason why you chose green? I like grey because no one uses it right now, but as BellaSpurs mentioned, it feels out of place and should be incorporated with the rest of the uniform.
  12. My vote is for a teal, brown, and white colour scheme. Teal for the ocean, brown for the ship, white for the sails. It's also pretty unique in sports; I remember seeing a baseball team with that scheme (a college team?) and it looked pretty good.
  13. Not really. It's being done in a very unorthodox way in that they are naming the team before even being granted a conditional expansion franchise (unless that's being announced tomorrow too). And if they can't secure stadium financing and can't get it built, there will be no team (just like what happened in the 1980s).
  14. That's a good observation, they just seem to love piping and ultra "modern" looks. Although the Roughnecks look good. Also, apparently teams in the Grey Cup game are not permitted to wear alternate uniforms anymore, so the Stampeders are wearing their normal red jerseys with Ottawa in white: https://calgarysun.com/sports/football/cfl/calgary-stampeders/stampeders-to-wear-traditional-red-jerseys-for-grey-cup-game Saskatchewan was the last to wear alternates in the Grey Cup in 2010.
  15. The Grey Cup match up is set, and with the West being the home team, we get to avoid Calgary's crappy away look. So which will it be and which looks better? Home red jerseys or black outlaw jerseys?