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  1. They've been wearing them for one additional game late in the regular season for the past few years. https://www.cfl.ca/games/2538/saskatchewan-roughriders-vs-calgary-stampeders/ October 20, 2018 https://www.cfl.ca/games/2440/saskatchewan-roughriders-vs-calgary-stampeders/ October 20, 2017 (not a typo, that's actually the date) https://www.cfl.ca/games/2346/toronto-argonauts-vs-calgary-stampeders/ October 21,2016 Wow, they probably should have worn these uniforms against Winnipeg next week instead (October 19). It seems to fit the date mould more.
  2. The Lions have announced that they'll wear their white jerseys at home for next week's game against the Roughriders. As of today's date, no team has worn their white jersey at home during the regular season this year. I kind of wish more teams would, like the NFL does, just to make the uniforms less predictable. https://www.bclions.com/nexthomegame
  3. I wouldn't mind if the league went retro every September. With throwbacks, especially if teams can coordinate and wear them against each other, it would make for a great reflection on the history of the league. However, I hope teams don't get trapped in nostalgia and lose their identity. I have no idea what identity the Argos are going for after redoing their uniforms this season and then sticking with retro logos for the back half of the season. It's hard to build brand identity when it keeps changing.
  4. Maybe this shouldn't go in the 2019 thread, but the Montreal Alouettes are running a promotion for fans to inspire the design of the 2021 alternate jersey. https://en.montrealalouettes.com/2019/09/25/jersey2021-contest/ Key restrictions are: "Uniforms can’t be predominantly blue or white. It must be different from our existing uniforms The jersey needs to match with our blue and white pants. The uniform must match with our current helmet." So it has to be red. Creative freedom! But this is pretty cool and a neat way to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Alouettes.
  5. I think it would okay to at least have the option with the white jersey. The team could make the jersey devoid of gold (similar to the 49ers) and make it just white and blue, but be able to wear it with white pants and white horns on the helmet or gold pants.and gold horns on the helmet.
  6. Also, it looks like the Argonauts will wear the boat logo on the helmet for their other two games (both at home) in September. This, according to the Argos PxP man, Mike Hogan. I'm kind of hoping they wear white at home. I really liked that white jersey, blue pants combo with it. Maybe white socks could balance it out a bit. In terms of this question, I like the current logo more. The boat logo fills people with nostalgia, but it looks a little childish. I really don't see it having staying power. Plus, the Argos need to pick a look a stick with it.
  7. I'm a big fan of those Eskimos alternates just based on the green and gold concept (no other colours present). I would rather have this than a gold jersey or a black jersey. This jersey design itself is not something I'm sold on, but the gold helmet does add a nice contrast when compared to the green one.
  8. Not everyone has your keen eye But you know what I mean. Instead of a both-side throwback game in the NFL's 100th year, we get a total genre mismatch.
  9. Wait, so the Dolphins will be wearing their white throwback unis against the Steelers who will be wearing their color rush uniforms? When the Steelers could just as easily wear their own throwback uniforms and give us this? http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=single-weekly&game_id=1984_MIA-PIT^6 And they're not doing that?? C'mon man!!
  10. Stampeders are wearing black jerseys. Due to the one helmet rule this year, they'll wear them with red helmets.
  11. Overall, I like the merch. The re-coloured CFL logo on the back is a nice touch. I don't really like how Montreal's hat blends two eras: the red and green logo on a red and blue hat. That's a weird one. And I think Calgary would be more appropriate to have a white and red hat, not a black and red one since back then, black wasn't even a colour for them. Although I think it has to tie into the Labour Day games where Calgary will likely wear their black uniforms which would have looked weird with retro red and white hats. Then again, those jerseys are no longer on the team's merch shop, so maybe something new is in store. Speaking of which, I wonder if anyone else besides Saskatchewan will wear retro uniforms for Labour Day. Hamilton is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Hamilton Tigers this year, so it would be most fitting for them.
  12. That's a great catch, I didn't even notice it since I initially saw this in my twitter feed on my phone. 1957 doesn't have any league significance since the Grey Cup was established in 1909, the Canadian Football Council was established in 1956 and was later re-named the Canadian Football League in 1958 (Source: https://d3ham790trbkqy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/CFL-Book-2017-Perfect-Bind.pdf). Maybe one of these logos was last seen in 1957? The league's press release doesn't say anything.
  13. I wonder if the NFL is still limiting the number of times the Rams can wear their throwback uniforms during the regular season. In 2018, they also only wore them five times in the regular season. It seems weird that they would only wear them three times at home (London game doesn't count). It's also weird that they're wearing white against Dallas blues on a Sunday afternoon game in December. Maybe Jerry Jones is doing them a favour by not having Dallas wearing white and taking up one of the Rams' throwback uniform slots.
  14. Especially since the Bears have a white retro jersey and the Packers have a coloured retro jersey. When the Bears unveiled theirs I thought we were getting this for sure. But I guess that would make too much sense..
  15. Travis Lulay actually pointed out how this uniform combination was similar to the 1960s look (worn in 2009 by Jarious Jackson here). It could have inspired this look.