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  1. I'm not sure what they were thinking with that away jersey and how much it looks like the Stampeders' current away jersey with the red shoulders. Their previous away jersey was solid - all they had to do was add some plaid and they were set. There's just way too much red and not enough black. The alternate uniform is really templated and generic. So much more could have been done here. Saying it goes back to the roots of the Rough Riders is a stretch if the only thing in common is that they both wore red jerseys at one point. It would have been cool to see a refreshed retro jersey. Although I'm sure we're getting a retro jersey in 2026 to celebrate 150 years since the inception of the Rough Riders (as well as the 100th anniversary of 1926 Grey Cup and 50th Anniversary of 1976 Grey Cup).
  2. The white numbers are awful. I don't think they've had them in their entire history. They look like a Green Bay knockoff.
  3. Yeah, the new helmet might be the one with the 75 Logo on one side. That would be weird since it had black outlines and this jersey has zero black in it. Maybe that will be tweaked. It would be cool if, for one game maybe, they could add white decals all around the red helmet to make it look like this:
  4. I like the look, but it's curious that they'll wear them six out of seven times. So what does this mean for the away uniforms?
  5. The Alouettes' third jersey was for their 75th anniversary (in 2021), so I'm pretty sure that will still happen as scheduled. The Redblacks had already scheduled their week 7 game in 2020 to reveal their red third jersey, so that will probably be moved to a 2021 debut. The league will need all the revenue they can get and alternate jerseys are a way to get that.
  6. He won that bet with Sean Payton about uniform choice against the Saints in 2018, so he had to care a little. https://www.nj.com/eagles/2018/07/eagles_doug_pederson_saints_sean_payton_made_a_bet_and_it_wi.html
  7. I've got to think the Argos will tweak their jerseys a bit too. They're already too plain and removing the stripe on the helmet just emphasizes that. I'd like to see some stripes in the form of a wave on the shoulders, similar to what's in the new logo.
  8. The CFL has had that rule for the last several years. Only Edmonton (Athletic Gold) and Winnipeg (Vegas Gold) have one set of pants and it only poses a problem when Hamilton plays Edmonton (Hamilton will wear black or white pants instead of gold). Obviously that's harder to implement with 32 teams, but the league could use your rule.
  9. The visual re-match of three Super Bowl games? Yes please!! http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=head-to-head&team_id_a=PIT&team_id_b=DAL
  10. There's obviously a mix up for this re-scheduled game, but it seems very on brand for a Jets vs Dolphins game.
  11. I think it's more like Detroit's grey uniforms. They have been worn against both white jerseys and coloured jerseys so it's almost like a neutral colour (2017 and 2019 Chicago games are good examples of this, see: http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controller/controller.php?action=head-to-head&team_id_a=CHI&team_id_b=DET). I like these colour vs colour match-ups, so I'm all for it.
  12. Hm, so it's Tampa Bay's all pewter look vs Denver's primary orange look. It's reminiscent of the Brown's all-brown against the Denver orange, but this should be a bit better for contrast. Also this probably means we'll get the Rams' bone uniform vs Tampa Bay's pewter uniform. Unless that's blue vs pewter, which would probably be better.
  13. I prefer the current numbers. They're slimmer and easier to read. But since the Stampeders are getting new jerseys, new numbers are pretty feasible.
  14. So those teasers were for full-time jerseys, not just retro ones. They seem to heavily emphasize red, so hopefully that means a reduction of black. Assuming the 2021 re-design is to accommodate new New Era templates, I would imagine Calgary's design is simplistic to fit the current templates. I know the Argos changed uniforms in 2019, but man I hope they undo those changes for 2021. I got season tickets for this year (we'll see how much of a 2020 season there is) and it would be nice to know there's something better upcoming for them. Otherwise, most of the other teams have solid looks now. Saskatchewan could shift away from monochrome and Ottawa could have more personality to them (plaid accents?). And a return to TV numbers would be nice for some teams. Edmonton's shoulders are so bare..
  15. I wonder if the silver/grey in the 75 logo is a reference to the diamond anniversary or something uniform related. Either way, I'm hoping they wear some retro uniforms. The three vertical lines on the bottom remind me of the helmets and jerseys they used to wear in the 1940s.
  16. Charlotte Town FC might win over some fans from a certain Canadian capital: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlottetown
  17. If this hasn't been mentioned yet, here it is: Saints Color Rush vs Atlanta black jerseys. Match up of the week, no?
  18. It's such an opportunity missed for the Bears not to wear their white throwbacks vs the Lions in their throwbacks for the Thanksgiving game.
  19. The Roughriders just released the 108th Grey Cup logo. I like that it includes a lot more green as opposed to the very standard grey logo we've seen since 2016. It bodes well for Hamilton in 2021.
  20. I actually like that the Tiger-Cats only have black and gold on their home uniforms (the team removed the white outlines on the numbers this year). They can save the white shoulder caps for retro jerseys, I guess. A saving grace for this year's uniform match up is that both teams are wearing the same uniform they have worn throughout these playoffs (WPG in two West games and HAM in the East Final). Otherwise, it would have been nice to see black jerseys over gold pants.
  21. It's almost like a CFL version of "Colour Rush" and I actually like it a lot. I hope they wear this combo again next year where maybe we could be treated to a colour vs colour game. These uniforms provide great contrast. Edmonton or maybe Hamilton would be a good CvC game.
  22. The Lions wore their New Era orange jerseys with black pants for the first time last night. It was a good opponent to wear them against since black pants clash better with Calgary's red pants. It was a nice change and I'm glad to finally see it, but the all orange look has grown on me a bit.
  23. That's probably a good bet. They wore them last year when they hosted a playoff game and again in 2013 (the other most recent home playoff game). Calgary will likely wear the black outlaw uniforms and Hamilton has announced theirs as a "blackout" game, indicating black jerseys and pants.
  24. They've been wearing them for one additional game late in the regular season for the past few years. https://www.cfl.ca/games/2538/saskatchewan-roughriders-vs-calgary-stampeders/ October 20, 2018 https://www.cfl.ca/games/2440/saskatchewan-roughriders-vs-calgary-stampeders/ October 20, 2017 (not a typo, that's actually the date) https://www.cfl.ca/games/2346/toronto-argonauts-vs-calgary-stampeders/ October 21,2016 Wow, they probably should have worn these uniforms against Winnipeg next week instead (October 19). It seems to fit the date mould more.
  25. The Lions have announced that they'll wear their white jerseys at home for next week's game against the Roughriders. As of today's date, no team has worn their white jersey at home during the regular season this year. I kind of wish more teams would, like the NFL does, just to make the uniforms less predictable. https://www.bclions.com/nexthomegame
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