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  1. Look what I got! $7 in Brooklyn (sorry, my go-to place so I can't tell you where).....
  2. Bears-Broncos at Denver, wk 12, 1971 Oilers-49ers at SF, wk 12, 1975
  3. Red Sox vs. Dodgers at LA Coliseum 7 years ago.
  4. More from 1975 Oilers-Packers 1972 Rams 1972 Rams-Vikings 1972 Broncos-Falcons 1975 Packers-Giants 1975 Jets-Cardinals 1975 Raiders-Washington 1975
  5. I have the actual uniform in my collection. It was given to me by a person who worked at the NFL at the time. I also have the St. Louis Stallions.
  6. This was the '78 preseason and the Falcons were not wearing their new uniforms either. Both teams changed for the '78 season.
  7. Chiefs-Browns 1975 Dolphins-Falcons wk 8, 1974 Jets-Browns wk 1 1976 Chargers-Bucs wk 2 1976 (Bucs had orange numbers trimmed in red) Giants at Broncos 1976
  8. I'll go you one better Giants-Chargers wk 8, 1971 season at Yankee Stadium
  9. Miami Bays Miami Surf Miami Apollo Miami Rockets Miami Blaze Miami Vice Miami Atlantic Anything would be better than those stupid, generic names like FC and United that really represent nothing and no one and are a severely lame attempt to brand after European clubs.
  10. Yet another new football league. Yawn.
  11. For me it is the Seahawks green jersey.
  12. I did see this. Interesting concept.
  13. MOD EDIT: Commentary in this thread is meant to critique borner1996's rebrand idea for the Washington Redskins, as well as to offer-up and critique other rebranding ideas for the franchise. All contributions to this thread are to be made in a respectful manner. Thank you. Olbermann was right. Call the team the Washington Americans and keep the current logo. Change the name to the Warriors (trademarked by the team for an Arena franchise Snyder was granted) and use the spear logo. Call them the Red Tails. I didn't see the Titans suffering when they switched their name from the Oilers. It's over. Change the name of the team and move on.
  14. Again, just because NYC whatevers are in the MLS doesn't make them "higher level." Poor marketing+stupid nickname+team that has no roots here = Lower Level