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  1. Look what I got! $7 in Brooklyn (sorry, my go-to place so I can't tell you where).....
  2. Bears-Broncos at Denver, wk 12, 1971 Oilers-49ers at SF, wk 12, 1975
  3. Red Sox vs. Dodgers at LA Coliseum 7 years ago.
  4. More from 1975 Oilers-Packers 1972 Rams 1972 Rams-Vikings 1972 Broncos-Falcons 1975 Packers-Giants 1975 Jets-Cardinals 1975 Raiders-Washington 1975
  5. I have the actual uniform in my collection. It was given to me by a person who worked at the NFL at the time. I also have the St. Louis Stallions.
  6. This was the '78 preseason and the Falcons were not wearing their new uniforms either. Both teams changed for the '78 season.
  7. Chiefs-Browns 1975 Dolphins-Falcons wk 8, 1974 Jets-Browns wk 1 1976 Chargers-Bucs wk 2 1976 (Bucs had orange numbers trimmed in red) Giants at Broncos 1976
  8. I'll go you one better Giants-Chargers wk 8, 1971 season at Yankee Stadium
  9. You know folks, I was roundly criticized for my ideas on the Big East, NYU and other schools. In light of Penn State, I agree with what was said about NYU deemphasizing sport. Penn State should do the same. Immediately. The toothless beat that is the NCAA can say what it wants; so can the Big 10. Penn State should be over. Go raid Maryland or whoever else you think fits the academic/demographic footprint. The sport has become a travesty....USC, Ohio State, Miami and now this. Awful. Just awful. Why can't we have a system like they have in Canada with Junion Hockey?
  10. Its simple what Penn State must do in the face of these crimes: De-emphasize sports. CCNY - one of the biggest basketball powers of its era, did so after a point-shaving scandal rocked the university; NYU did the same. NYU has a top-tier MBA program, a top-tier law school and a top-tier media program. CCNY and NYU have done fine without major sports, thank you. Yes, I know. Why make the athletes pay? Is Penn State about athletics or education. The only way to honor the vicitms, to shop support for them is to get rid of athletics. It is the only way.
  11. Rams: Get a grip. Try, at least for one day, not to be an ass, please. And, you obviously know nothing about which Mexican school approached the NCAA.
  12. Well, I don't think NYU would have to compete for athletes all that hard. There happens to be a huge and deep reservior of talent here in the City alone. Does NYU have high academic standards? Sure. They say its graduate business program is top 10. I graduated from it. I disagree. Top 20 maybe. Not top 10. Problem is a sutiable stadium. NYU hoped to build one on the Brooklyn side of the East River at one point. If a soccer stadium came to be for say an MLS expansion team (think Cosmos, think outside of CitiField), that's one possibility. I also did some digging. The 1941 NYU football schedule: 9/22 scrimmage Temple 9/27 W 25-7 PMC (OF) 6,000 10/4 W 6-0 at Lafayette 7,000 10/11 L 7-49 Texas A&M (YS) 18,000 10/18 L 0-31 Syracuse (YS) 10,000 10/25 L 0-13 at Holy Cross 10,000 10/31 L 0-42 Penn State (Polo Grounds) (n) 10,691 11/8 L 0-26 Missouri (YS) 6,700 11/15 L 0-45 Tulane (YS) 8,100 11/29 L 9-30 Fordham (YS) 31,000 They stunk but look - Tex A & M, 'Cuse, Penn State...... Who is to say they can't or won't do it again?
  13. So why don't you tell me about Jo Pa and the Big East? NYU killed all sports because of betting scandals. NYU-CCNY was a big deal at the Garden. NYU played a national football schedule. NYU has a huge alumni base. NYU is one of the richest schools in the country. If they wanted to start a football program with an eye on joining a conference such as the Big East, or g-d forbid, the ACC, they could do it. The ACC is an utter joke to me. They bought their stability by raiding conferences because they could grow organically (that means adding schools from lower conferences like East Carolina). I'm sure if Florida State wanted to create a conference it could, given their name. I wouldn't be so sure a 14-team or 16-team ACC lasts. If any Mexican school makes it into the NCAA, others are sure to follow. That opens a huge media market for the likes of ESPN and Fox.
  14. You folks are forgetting a few things. Firstly, you want to turn the ACC on its head and into C-USA (if I'm the Big East, that's what I would do) - go after Virginia and Maryland. Secondly this is just about moving pegs around. If you want to talk real expansion, how many schools gave up football since say the mid 70's? University of Tampa (Freddie Solomon's school - the former Dolphins receiver), Wichita State, etc. that given the right set of circumstances, would love to get back in the game? At one time NYU had a prominent program (and yes there is talk about starting a football program). There is no shortage of schools that, if given the money and proper economic circumstances, would consider starting a program or making a jump. Georgetown, St. Johns, etc. Could you imagine a Big East with NYU and St. Johns both playing at Citifield? Even if the ACC goes to 16 and the Big East is killed off, there is no guarantee the ACC will stay the ACC. Remember, it was Brigham Young who led the WAC breakaway schools to start the Mountain West. And, guess what? They left. Who is to say that Clemson, Florida State and a few others don't leave to form their own conference? (a point of reference would be how companies became huge conglomerates through mergers in the 80s and how "thin" is the new "in"). And speaking of West Virginia, I happen to know Oliver Luck and have been unfortunate to have had to deal with him several times. He is a scumbag. Here's a tidbit for you. In August, it was announced that an unidentified Mexican school (which happens to be one of the Universities in Monterrey) had sought out the NCAA to start on the road to becoming an NCAA member. Now wouldn't the WAC love that?
  15. Wait, do you not think that Buffalo can pull a UConn and outgrow the MAC? I do. Shouldn't Villanova's next step in football be to go to the MAC? Since it seems that Swofford and his ACC cohorts couldn't go to the bathroom without raiding someone, Maryland weakens the ACC, strengthens the Big East. Shoot, go after Virginia as well. So you say Maryland has been in the ACC for 50+ years? What about Texas and Texas A&M being joined at the hip? Oklahoma/Nebraska? Kansas/Missouri? No one gives a crap about tradition and the past anymore. That's gone out the window. The only way to stop the ACC from raiding is to raid them. See to me the Big East is about the East. No doubt the Big East blew it by not inviting Penn State when it was forming. Seton Hall...Providence...Georgetown...St. Johns. That's the East. Football-wise, I was looking forward to BC-UConn every year. Miami and Va Tech? They were just visitors. West Va? Not so sure. That's why I proposed what I did. Get back to your (mostly) Eastern roots. You don't think Maryland-Navy could develop into a nasty rivalry? I do. Buffalo-Army at the Bills Stadium? Temple-Rutgers? College football used to be about rivalries and the big-intersectional games. Let's form new rivalries based on geography.
  16. All the realignment crap has gotten totally out of hand. First things first. Any school jumping conferences should be bowl ineligible for the coming year. Secondly, much like expansion teams, they cannot share in that conference's tv loot for the year. Now, on to saving the Big East. The ACC seemingly can't come up with any original ideas on its own. They are totally irrelevant as a football conference anyway. If I was the Big East, here's what I'd do: 1. Make Maryland an offer they can't refuse. You are north of the Mason Dixon line, you come with us. 2. Add Navy. Maryland-Navy every year to open the season? Gotta love it. 3. Add Temple (again). Temple moves down to Philly's soccer stadium. Smaller venue. Easier to fill. Rutgers-Temple is a good match. 4. Force Dave "the Mouth" DiFillipo to close his mouth. UConn-BC either opens the season or ends the season. 5. Add Army. Add Buffalo. So you have UConn, Army, Buffalo, Temple, Rutgers, Maryland, Navy (is that East or what?), You still have Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida. You can add Central Florida and East Carolina. That gives you a shot at the Boston market, the Hartford market, NYC, Philly, Baltimore/DC, Orlando/Tampa, Charlotte. Cincy and Louisville. Not so bad.
  17. I'll up my price for a Seattle Seahawks green game worn jersey to $850. I have a green Seahawks concept helmet in my collection. Other noteables in my collection: Full Baltimore Bombers (NFL) unifor4m Gretzky all star jersey (edmonton) game issued, not worn (it was the year after he was traded to LA) At least one game worn from every WLAF/NFL E team except England Monarchs
  18. I'm looking for a game worn Seahawks green jersey. I'll pay $750 for it. One guy has most of them locked up and refuses to sell them. The few he let go, JO Sportsco sold out of.
  19. Oddities in my collection: Full Baltimore Bombers Uniform: Jets Mock-up Helmet (Concept piece from NFL)
  20. I liked: The Orlando Thunder uniforms (I have a game worn home jersey) (side note on Seattle greens: they were bought by some stooge who other than laying them off on JO Sportsco who charged a fortune for them, this knucklehead refuses to sell any more of them. He has an estimated 35 of the jerseys). Frankfurt Galaxy (side note: Equipment manager asked the GM about wearing purple pants. GM nixed the idea immediately) Barcelona Dragons colors/logo Baltimore Ravens purple pants (no never worn them in a game but they do have them) Browns' orange pants Chargers unis of the Dan Fouts era with white pants New York Cosmos navy kit Pirates gold jerseys; Pirates black jerseys Nix on: Any soccer club going the "Euro" route (that means you sporting KC - this ain't no social club in the bronx). Any jersey that acts like a billboard. 'Nuff said.
  21. My collection: NFL Game Worn Saints gold alt Redskins 70th Anniversary (I have two of them) Panthers - white and black 1995 innaug, season, alt blue 10th anniversary Dallas apex double star away Cardinals (az) away with card logo and az flag Eagles present away Chargers 2005 away Falcons current red home Bucs away white (current) Authentic Jaguars 1995 with innaug patch home WLAF/NFL E At least one jersey home or away from every team except England Monarchs (this includes Orlando home) NFL Special Baltimore Bombers uniform - home (acquired from NFL) Helmets: Game worn: Redskins 70th Anniversary Game issued/replica (Unsure) Carolina Tampa (white) NFL Europe Frankfurt, Berlin, Ohio, Birmingham, NY/NJ, Barcelona, Rhein, Scotland, Berlin, concept (FC Barcelona blue) NFL Concept Falcons white - 74 model Jets metallic green with 63 logo Seahawks lime green Texans battle red NHL Gretzky game issued Edmonton All Star game (year after he was traded to LA)
  22. Of course it is a protottype. They never took the field. But it is a real uniform and it was acquired from the NFL.
  23. I posted pictures of a Baltimore Bombers uniflrm I was given by the NFL back in January I think.
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