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  1. Not sure I am sold on the white helmet for the Packers. Same thought with the white pants, I just think gold pants are a huge part of the Packers branding. I think green pants would work well with the new third you made... Which I LOVE. I am a big fan of their third jersey, like it even more that they wore their gold helmet rather than the vintage brown helmet everyone seemed to make fun of. Gold jersey, green pants. I think that would look good.
  2. I love how this is going.
  3. You call that hate? Sounds to me like he's just encouraging you to explore new themes and symbolism in your concept. Sounds to me like you could use some thicker skin. Wow man, I was joking with him...
  4. I honestly dislike Chicago Flames, it goes flow. Chicago Brigade sounds much cooler imo. Like the fire bridages.
  5. I feel like Amfleisch is hating on me personally.. No I am not from Naperville, and no I don't live in Chicago.. But I want to eventually! I do understand what you mean about the flag being used a lot. But it means a lot to the people of Chicago even though they might not know exactly what it means.
  6. I LOVE the Chicago Flag design. Its such a cool design to mess with. Great design.
  7. I like the road uniform better than the home uniform. I'm not really a fan of the yellow pants for the home uniforms. It looks strange to me. Also what I've been told, and what I agree with is that white pants don't look good in hockey. Use black pants instead of the white pants and you have a good third uniform.
  8. I like the bottom two better. The lighter silver defiantly looks better than the darker silver. Using two different greens instead of the blue is a great idea, its no longer a clone of the Canucks.
  9. This is a cool idea. I like it, good job.
  10. I honestly really like the home sweater from your original concept, not too big of a fan of that away. Its a unique design. I also like the new concept you made as well. I love minimalistic clean designs and that fits well, but its not unique.
  11. These are all really neat concepts. I love the "wheat" pattern you used on the Wheat Kings colored sweater. For the Winter Hawks concept I think it would look better if the white stripe was actually black. So instead of the pattern being black, red, white, red, black, it would be black, red, black, red, black. I LOVE the Tri City Americans concept, its so good! Gives me ideas of my own. And that Hurricanes concept is great. I usually don't like what people design with the "Anaheim" template but that one is fantastic.
  12. I think the white sweater would look a lot better if the stripes were more consistent. I would get rid of the red from the very bottom and make those white stripes red so it looks more like the colored sweater.
  13. Update! Hello! I am back with some revisions to my series. Some of the jerseys you will see went through major changes, others had minor changes. I will let you know which one went through major changes just so you know. I suggest taking a look at every concept with a ** before the team name. They are the jerseys that had the biggest changes. Anaheim Ducks : First up we have the Ducks. This was a somewhat minor change, but a major change from the original. Decided to change the color of the shoulders to orange. Boston Bruins : For the Bruins all I did was change the colors to the colors I found at ColorWrex. I also changed the logo up a bit taking the suggestions that I was given. Buffalo Sabres : Another minor change for Buffalo, just added some white to the design. Calgary Flames : No real changes for the Flames. Carolina Hurricanes : I fixed the sleeves because they just looked out of place. Still a black jersey for the Hurricanes. Columbus Blue Jackets : Matched the colors to ColorWrex, still the same design for the Blue Jackets. Chicago Blackhawks : Matched the colors to ColorWrex. Some concept for the Blackhawks. **Colorado Avalanche : Major changes. First I matched the colors better with ColorWrex and used the Nordiques colors. A slight change to the logo as well and I added white to the bottom of the jersey. Defiantly a better design in my opinion for the Avalanche this time around. **Dallas Stars : Major change. My original concept was black, green and gold. I added a white stripe to my concept and I feel like it makes the Stars concept pop and look much better. Detroit Red Wings : Pretty minor change for the Red Wings, just matched colors better with ColorWrex. **Edmonton Oilers : Major changes! I got rid of the "practice jersey" look and did something different. I also matched the Oilers colors better with ColorWrex. **Florida Panthers : Major changes! I matched the colors better with ColorWrex, got rid of the white stripes and used blue instead. I added much more detail to the jersey and it came out better than I thought it would. This Panthers concept is one of my new favorite designs I've made. Los Angeles Kings : I added in some silver to this concept, pulling it a bit away from a very minimalistic look. The King's logo had silver on it and it was suggested to me to add silver to the rest of the jersey. **Minnesota Wild : Somewhat of a major change. Still the same North Star concept, but I matched the colors to fit better with the Wild thanks to ColorWrex. **Montreal Canadiens: Major changes! Added blue and more stripes to it. Got rid of the Maroon color and used Canadien's colors thanks for ColorWrex. Nashville Predators Matched the colors for the Predators better with ColorWrex. New Jersey Devils : Minor change for the Devils, I just matched the colors better with ColorWrex. New York Rangers : I didn't even touch the Rangers concept. New York Islanders : All I did for the Islanders was add a white stroke around the logo. Ottawa Senators : I better matched the colors for the Senators with ColorWrex. Philadelphia Flyers : Again just matched the colors with ColorWrex so it look more like the Flyers. **Phoenix Coyotes : Major changes! I made a better pattern for the stripes and added in more tan to the Coyotes concept. Pittsburgh Penguins : No real changes, I tried to add white to the Penguins concept but it didn't look right to me. San Jose Sharks : Little changes for the Sharks. Changed the colors to better match what I found on ColorWrex. St. Louis Blues : Small changes for the Blues. Better matched the colors with ColorWrex. **Tampa Bay Lightning : Completely new concept for the Lightning. Used a different template and got rid of black. Its all blue and white now. **Toronto Maple Leafs : Some changes for the Leafs. I changed the bottom of the jersey and better matched the color with ColorWrex. Vancouver Canucks : Small change for the Canucks. I moved the white stripe so its next to the green. It looked really bad with the blue right next to the green. Great suggestion by the way. Winnipeg Jets : Small changes for the Jets. Better matched colors with ColorWrex. **Washington Capitals : Major Changes! Went with a different template for the Capitals but kept a similar idea. I used red as the main color as well, and moved the dark blue to the side. I used ColorWrex to better match the colors.
  14. Am I going to get flamed for a bump? Maybe.. Do I care? Nope.
  15. The V design I created a few years back? That was a good one. Maybe I'll update it. CGY - Everyone keeps saying that but I'm not a fan of what it looks like. I did get rid of the white pants for every team. MTL - I added in blue but it looks to similar to their current designs. Looking for a new look right now. It will take time. MIN - I'll see how it looks with their current colors. STL - Thanks.