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  1. pretty sure they do not exist anymore. the Owensboro deal fell through and Evansville already has a new team. They went from "taking a season off" to indefinite and minor league teams rarely if ever come back from that.
  2. this is what I see when I look at the Pepsi Logo
  3. my cat Zamboni, she is at least 15, not sure exactly, Been Deaf all her life (apparently its a common trait for white cats with blue eyes) she thinks she is queen and my dog which is 3 times her size is scared of her but they get along well enough.
  4. She is a rescue beagle, always has her nose to the ground but also loves to sit on the couch with us. a very cuddly dog I've never owned a dog. Is there a reason she keeps her nose to the ground? I have been trying to socialize Babbette so that she'll sit on the couch with me more, but she's a bit of a recluse. I love cats, but one of the benefits of having a dog is that they seem to be much more affectionate. Cats tolerate lovin' when it's their idea. But dogs will always show how much they love. Beagles are hounds, always scenting, "hunting". They are very much ruled by their nose.
  5. She is a rescue beagle, always has her nose to the ground but also loves to sit on the couch with us. a very cuddly dog
  6. this is converted from a fantasy cupcake shop I created for my wife called Daisy Cakes alternate logo
  7. not sure about Illustrator but Corel Draw allows you export vector files as a TTF. you need to set up a template so all the letters are the same size and then export to TTF and choose which letter the vector image will represent
  8. Pretty cool idea but the ones without faces are creeping me out LOL. This is kind of like when someone repaints figures in the correct uniforms. I have always thought that was pretty cool especially when it is of fictional teams. I have seen it a couple of times on the boards here
  9. this whole thread is just ridiculous. All of these designs are done extremely well and I would love to see these actually in existence. love the Kraken merch
  10. I though the wampas was wierd as well. I know that the bears just a c on their helmet but I would have like to see a wampa mascott
  11. there is a bunch more at the link if you want to check out the rest. Again, I am not claiming I did the work I just found the level of skill and detail very cool
  12. FIRST LET ME SAY THIS IS NOT MY WORK. I just thought that it looked excellent and wanted to share. the direct link is all accolades goes to the original creator
  13. That panther looks like its up to something...
  14. last time around there was discussion of changeing the name to buckskins which would keep the name go skins as well as keeping the native american "feel" to it as it relates to the horse