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  1. Okay, that's awesome. Yea much better than That is a shame. The Orioles could have been a team to have fun with the theme. Put a camo Army helmet on the bird. Or if they would have continued the American flag theme, give the bird an Uncle Sam hat.
  2. From Nationals Promotional Schedule given out on July 3 Replica Patriotic Hat: Considering the Replica BP hat give away matched this years BP hat, I am assuming this matches the 2010 Stars & Stripes
  3. Horrid as in just as ugly as the current ones, but different, or horrid as in even worse than what they have now, if such a thing is even possible? But a serious question for anyone who might know: What is the cap lineup for the Minnesota Twins? Is the M cap still part of the set? What about the red TC alt cap? There is a stripe down both sides of the brim from the side of the hat. Just weird looking. Has an NFL Sideline hat feel to it. I don't know how to host pics, but is the hat design like this one from minor league baseball. It doesn't say if it is New Era, but the description says BP and maybe they used their template on some minor league teams. Loons BP Hat
  4. This argument always creeps up (usually when an anniversary patch comes out), Yes if you do standard math 1970 + 40 = 2010. BUT if your talking about them playing their 40th season of NHL Hockey that is the 2009/2010 Season. It all comes down to what are you celebrating. COMPLETING 40 years or participating in the 40th season. It makes perfect sense to celebrate participating in 40 Seasons of NHL hockey by commemorating the whole season with a patch or possibly in this case wearing the old White Jersey's. BTW - The Buffalo Bills are going through the same thing this fall when they begin their 50th Season of Football, but lots of people are screaming they are too early because it should be 1960 - 2010. But because of the loss of one season due to the lockout, the Xth season and the Xth anniversary will both occur in the same year for NHL teams from now on (barring the loss of another season).
  5. I remember seeing it listed as an authentic alternate in before the first WBC, but I don't think it was ever used.
  6. Looks like players will have legaue specific caps this year. American National
  7. Are you from around Rockville because we have a collegiate summer league team called the Rockville Express.
  8. For vintage caps go to Sports Legends on the side with all the retired numbers. I think it is open before night games.
  9. They are a Nats' A-affiliate. They also play in Washington County. The new alternate is a reference to the Nats and the Sun is obviously dressed like President Washington (or at least trying).
  10. Kind of interesting, but their primary logo is so much better.
  11. They should use the B from the Baltimore script on a black hat with an orange bill. I saw someone do it in a concept over the summer I think and it looked good.
  12. I saw this ebay auction. Sorry can't post the pic, but here is the link: Hat I went to a few games in past years, but have never seen them wear it. If anyone can tell me if they still wear it or knows the years they wore it I would appreciate it.
  13. Does the bill have the name in the team's specific font or is it a generic font for every team?
  14. That is what I compared it to when I stated my opinion. The logo reminds me a little of the Baysox old logo minus the sailboat.
  15. I think it is pretty nice, and seeing how they are with the O's this year, I will probably pick one up.