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  1. Exactly. Obviously a carbon copy of Vancouver should be avoided, but they don't have to completely abandon that color spectrum. Knowing Vancouver they'll probably switch back to yellow, red and black in the next 10 years anyways. They haven't been a model of brand stability.
  2. The double green is a good look. I dont see how red/black and slate gray is unique. Ottawa, New Jersey Devils. Even Calgary is a lot of Red/Black with yellow. But it looks like they're going back to just red/yellow.
  3. I thought I've heard that the red and black they've been using is purely for promotional material. You would think if red and black was a main option they'd have put that in the online poll. The options were: green and blue, green and something else, blue and something else, anything but green and blue. I hate the idea of red and black. Too many teams have that, similar to the trailblazers should avoid as well. I still think green and yellow would look good. No other team is currently using it, looked good for the Seals and North Stars.
  4. Seattle Mariners do not. Also the minor league Seattle Thunderbirds. Defunct teams include the Pilots and Metropolitans. Woman's soccer had Seattle Reign FC but they moved to Tacoma and are just Reign FC now.
  5. Regardless if the name or imagery is fitting for a Seattle team, I think most people would say it's not a great name due to it not being plural. I haven't seen too many different options outside of the discussed. Where's the braintrusts at?
  6. I think you hit the nail on the head. It's all about the "release the kraken" hype. It's water themed, sort of like a giant octopus which is very local. Maybe it's just because all the other name ideas don't really sound exciting. Sockeyes, meh. At least Kraken is fun. I wish they'd go with more aviation themed, but Boeing isn't exactly the media darling right now. It's too bad the Seattle Pilot's has been used because I would love that as a name
  7. Please good people on this board vote on the site and on Twitter. Leave comments and ideas. I trust the input from people who frequent this board over most randos on Twitter. You might not be from Seattle but you can help us not screw this up. For me I still haven't really fell in love with any name. I want something plural, doesn't have to have alliteration, and hopefully is unique and fitting of Seattle. What that is, who knows? For colors. I think similar to the Sonic's would be unique and synergies when we hopefully get the bball team back. But anything other than black and red works for me.
  8. Well for all the teams that have multiple sponsors. I like this look more than having zero brand/logo on the front. For the teams that already have the team name/city on the front, this doesn't look as good.
  9. They got rid of the number and put the storm logo there. I can dig it.
  10. Probably a good thread as any to talk about the Aces changing their uniforms up some. Last year they had black jerseys with silver accents since the move from the San Antonio came a little late to change the jerseys. I wonder if they're secondary jersey will continue to be gray, or if it will switch to red or gold. Regarding the Storm jerseys, they signed a new sponsorship deal. Which replaces the Storm logo on the shoulder as seen in this poor photoshop. Another thing to note, the Verizon sponsor below the number is gone. I dont like having no logo or team name or anything on the jersey
  11. Now they're having a concert. What is this.
  12. Wow. I never had an opinion on the color difference one way or the other until you posted those pictures. And the old way seems way better.
  13. It's a shame the Whitecaps and Timbers have really great looks and the Sounders are stuck with the camo pattern. Hopefully next year's version is a little more inspired.
  14. Same. I thought it was a triangle shaped scene. Probably ten years in before someone pointed it out. I find it a masterful logo now.
  15. I just want to point out from a dollars perspective XBOX was paying $4million/year and that included sponsoring the pitch and tarps. And rumors are Zulily will be paying 6-10/ year just for the shirt. So potential for money money from other companies to pay more to sponsor the field and elsewhere. So it may not be a known brand like XBOX but should put more money in the Sounders pockets.