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  1. The identity has focused on black and seafoam for a few years. This is a great update.
  2. Great job Tampa. Does it seem more anthracite than pewter?
  3. At the end if the day I felt like the only thing the City Council cared about was that Key Arena was owned by the city. So they wanted the arena at that location. If they didn't own the arena they probably would have approved Hansen's plan long before OVG proposed anything.
  4. Fishy - Sockeyes Depths of ocean - Kraken Tallest mountains - Rainier's Forrests - Evergreens Green city - Emeralds Obviously keeping everything on the table still
  5. Maybe the web site registration is to support the Palm Springs minor league team named Kraken? We can hope
  6. I was really hoping to hear the name at the All Star Break but it doesn't seem like that will happen now. I'm not in love with anything at this point, I guess I'm just hoping the logo/uniforms look great and then the team name will feel right.
  7. I've seen people wearing the Red and the Yellow Frei keeper kits from the last few years.
  8. I know it's just a recruiting promo pic. But the Huskies only wore gold or purple pants this year. This looks like white pants. Could be shorts or practice pants. From what I read, Adidas planned on normal combos first year, but might start adding in some adidas specials next year.
  9. I wonder if they will change their jersey colors. They were rolling with navy and light blue jerseys. Seems like now they'll go gray and red. Although there's already quite a few team with dark/black and red jerseys.
  10. Those BYU jerseys mean another 2 weeks until we see the Huskies road adidas set in action.
  11. More pictures Really uninspired work. Black looks like a track jersey. Soccer. Volleyball. Basketball. football. All the uniforms so far from Adidas seem like default creations with the wordmark and number slapped on. I mean, I love the football jerseys got rid of black, and the Sheen stripe is ok I guess. But everything seems so uninspired. Can we get a purple or gold stripe anywhere?
  12. UW basketball jerseys dropped. The black one is awful.
  13. Obviously UW will be getting new uniforms with the switchover to adidas. I'm interested to see what they come up with, I like the change on the football side. But the Nike basketball jerseys I never had a problem with.