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  1. I wonder if they will change their jersey colors. They were rolling with navy and light blue jerseys. Seems like now they'll go gray and red. Although there's already quite a few team with dark/black and red jerseys.
  2. Those BYU jerseys mean another 2 weeks until we see the Huskies road adidas set in action.
  3. More pictures Really uninspired work. Black looks like a track jersey. Soccer. Volleyball. Basketball. football. All the uniforms so far from Adidas seem like default creations with the wordmark and number slapped on. I mean, I love the football jerseys got rid of black, and the Sheen stripe is ok I guess. But everything seems so uninspired. Can we get a purple or gold stripe anywhere?
  4. UW basketball jerseys dropped. The black one is awful.
  5. Obviously UW will be getting new uniforms with the switchover to adidas. I'm interested to see what they come up with, I like the change on the football side. But the Nike basketball jerseys I never had a problem with.
  6. The no phone media showcase was last night so we have some articles regarding the new uniforms. The Athletic Seattle Times Some highlights from the article on things not obvious from the leaks. Slightly deeper shade of purple. Gold pants is adidas attempt to match the gold helmet as close as possible. The block numbers have an angle of 15 degrees to match the angle of the block W. Numbers have a raindrop pattern. Seamless primeknit for unrestricted range of motion Climacool enhanced breathability. Eye catching alternate uniforms to be used once or twice a season starting in 2020.
  7. Very underwhel with the UW leaks. Like others said they should have just released them with all the hype yesterday instead of having these private events that you knew something would leak from. That said, no black means 100 times better than the Nike set. That's the same purple helmet they've used in the past so maybe if they use it this year they will change the decal to be white or something to match since there's no black to match with on these. Away uniforms:. Give me a gold outline on the numbers. Maybe purple/gold/purple on the stripe instead of some weird subliminal all purple stripes. Home: white/purple/white style stripe would probably look better. Plus capture that Warren Moon era vibe. Overall: Improvement, but too boring to have a real opinion on. It doesn't make me feel anything.
  8. It's Adidas Day at UW today! Looks like nothing new will be shown today, they announced football jerseys will be released July 10th.
  9. Interesting that they make a point to say they're the only team in the country to wear that template. I would think Washington would get the latest and greatest template from adidas this year so we'll have to see what it ends up being.
  10. Pilot's has long been my favorite if it was an option. Aviation themed to go with the return of the supersonics would be perfect.
  11. On local Seattle radio today they mentioned that they've heard the name choices are down to 3. Kraken, sockeye and steelhead. They also said salmon color would be included. I don't really believe that report though, I don't think steelhead has ever really been on the table with the Idaho steelheads being a thing. And for the color, I think they're just taking a cue from the website which is featuring that color for now. It would only really make sense to do the salmon color if the name was Sockeyes.
  12. Exactly. Obviously a carbon copy of Vancouver should be avoided, but they don't have to completely abandon that color spectrum. Knowing Vancouver they'll probably switch back to yellow, red and black in the next 10 years anyways. They haven't been a model of brand stability.
  13. The double green is a good look. I dont see how red/black and slate gray is unique. Ottawa, New Jersey Devils. Even Calgary is a lot of Red/Black with yellow. But it looks like they're going back to just red/yellow.
  14. I thought I've heard that the red and black they've been using is purely for promotional material. You would think if red and black was a main option they'd have put that in the online poll. The options were: green and blue, green and something else, blue and something else, anything but green and blue. I hate the idea of red and black. Too many teams have that, similar to the trailblazers should avoid as well. I still think green and yellow would look good. No other team is currently using it, looked good for the Seals and North Stars.