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  1. I love bringing some personality back into the league. The liberty seem like the clear winners in the rebranding. A little disappointed in the Storm, like others said before, the word mark was the weakest part of the new identity and now it's featured front and center.
  2. They say the triangle on top is the shape of mountains. But to me it jumps out as the roof line of climate pledge arena. It's basically the only thing they saved from key arena due to its historical nature. Q&A in the Seattle times with Sue Bird and she said all teams will have new home/away and alternate jerseys supposed to drop in the next month.
  3. Definitely reminds me of a soccer logo. Similar to Atlanta and Chicago's new logos. Interesting the addition of a 2nd shade of green. The WNBA template jerseys have been reduced to basically 2 colors for all the teams. Will be interesting to see if there's a new template that allows for all three colors or if they'll stick with dark green with yellow accents, and yellow with dark green accents only. Maybe the bright green for accessories.
  4. I wonder if these will debut at tonight's SheBelievesCup
  5. https://twitter.com/UW_MBB/status/1362528899964440578?s=19 Reverse retro coming to college basketball now. I don't see this as reverse retro... More like BFBS retro
  6. Is it any different from "The City" and " San Francisco" jerseys they had before they moved? No matter where they play they will always pander to both sides of the bay.
  7. Wooo! Well deserved. I know it's the new hot thing in town, but I've been amazed at all the Kraken gear I've seen. At the airport, at the doctor's office with by a grandma, wine tasting. I've seen gear everywhere I turn. I think people are really excited about the team and also loving the branding.
  8. new black jerseys for UW. Looks like typical Adidas lately where it's basically a practice jersey. Only thing interesting is the under shirt and tights.
  9. If we look at the Kraken Jersey though, with the light blue closer to the shoulder, going down to the dark blue near the wrists. I think the only choice is the dark blue gloves. That's true on both the home and away. With the "Adidas speak" it's supposed to represent going down the depth of the ocean. So I dont think adding white or lighter colored gloves would fit with the identity.
  10. I just want to say thank you for all your work. As a longtime board member and Seattlite. I really appreciate the insider info from the source. Also I was never in love with the name during the whole process but I absolutely love the entire Identity and already have gear on the way. You guys knocked it out of the park.
  11. 406cane seems to have been the first person on the original name the Seattle team thread. December 12th 2017 not bad!
  12. As a seattlite. Hate the name. Love the branding. Logo is good not great. Secondary anchorneedle is great. I was expecting more modern crazy uniforms for a team names Kraken.
  13. I think one of the most impressive parts is that there have been no leaks. No real hints at colors, names, or anything. Waiting patiently till 9 and hoping for the best!
  14. Wow that crest is so great it makes me want to become Icelandic. I love how it comes together and the individual pieces can stand alone
  15. I haven't seen Breakers be brought up before. Now that I've heard it, it goes to the top of my personal list. I really enjoy that name.
  16. I would love Thunderbirds. Maybe all this time they're taking is to work out a deal with the minor league team. They don't have to keep the same branding (although I love the current branding, I know they're trying to avoid Canucks look) No other name I've heard really excited me. Sockeyes is the best choice of the rest but very meh. Kraken is minor league baseball, totems, emeralds, evergreens, Cascades all seem so bland.
  17. I feel like we're going to be very whelmed once it gets released. Hopefully they knock it out of the park with colors, logos, jersey.
  18. The identity has focused on black and seafoam for a few years. This is a great update.
  19. Great job Tampa. Does it seem more anthracite than pewter?
  20. At the end if the day I felt like the only thing the City Council cared about was that Key Arena was owned by the city. So they wanted the arena at that location. If they didn't own the arena they probably would have approved Hansen's plan long before OVG proposed anything.
  21. Fishy - Sockeyes Depths of ocean - Kraken Tallest mountains - Rainier's Forrests - Evergreens Green city - Emeralds Obviously keeping everything on the table still
  22. Maybe the web site registration is to support the Palm Springs minor league team named Kraken? We can hope
  23. I was really hoping to hear the name at the All Star Break but it doesn't seem like that will happen now. I'm not in love with anything at this point, I guess I'm just hoping the logo/uniforms look great and then the team name will feel right.
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