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  1. Any idea what font this is? The back of the serifs have me completely puzzled!
  2. I believe Nike had something to do with it being taken down. I was just thinking about him today, trying to figure out the Nike Sideline fonts and these World Series shirts:
  3. Nike appears to be using this font on their sideline gear this year. Is it proprietary or is it a stock font?
  4. I've been trying to figure out if this is just a custom font or if there is an exact match. There are elements of Bodoni 72 and Simonetta Bold but both have their differences from it.
  5. Local High School has this one hanging in their pseudo-HOF. Precursor to the current school but still same team name. Would love to see it modernized. I think a lot can be done with it since it incorporates a sword, chevron, etc. The stuff you guys have done in this thread is amazing!
  6. I wish Ken could have stuck around until the weekend and made Saturday his last game. Seeing him in that uniform one last time would have been a great send-off. That teal top is one of my favorite unis all time.
  7. The cursive would look nice but keeping the consistency across the set is better. I disagree with the SF use on a black alt, as the Pirates ruined their black alt by not using their normal wordmark on it.
  8. Wish MLB had those Cardinals throwbacks for sale. Even if it is Majestic, I'd get one. They went to the curator of the Cardinals HOF to get the uniforms as close to accurate for 1947 as possible. He is a big-time jersey freak and he made recommendations down to the detail of the feathers and the angle of the birds, etc. Looks great.
  9. It matches their black alternate jerseys, which also have a white-outlined "P". That said, I also prefer the red-outlined version. In fact, I still kinda wish the Pirates used that little bit of red trim in their black alts. Of course, I've also been wishing for years now that they'd roll out a (yellow)gold alternate jersey too (at which point that gold hat with black brim could also be trotted out). I guaran-damn-tee you those things would sell like hotcakes in Pittsburgh, and probably a few other places as well. As far as the Pirates, they should clean up their uniform set by going to something much more simple like: White Top - White Bottoms - Black Traditional Hat Grey Top - Grey Bottoms - Black Traditional Hat Black Top with PIRATES on it instead of 'P' - White Bottoms - former Black Traditional Hat with Yellow bill They can do whatever they want with the pinstriped unis they have, I don't care.
  10. Anyone know what the fonts are on the front of this shirt? http://mlb.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pMLB2-4979763dt.jpg
  11. As a Cavs fan, I love the blue alts. Hopefully the change they have in mind is to slightly change the gold to the traditional yellow and the add the blue alt pattern to the home and away. It would tie the current Cavs in with their early uniform designs, yet still look sharp.
  12. You don't care about the Cavs but you can't stand him for these things that you don't care about but seem to pay attention to?
  13. When you've got guys wearing ankle braces, they aren't doing enough to strengthen the ankles anyways. They are using the ankle brace as a 'crutch' and they will continually have ankle problems. Get them on flexbands every day.
  14. This is seriously one of the coolest/most bizarre finds I've ever seen.
  15. This. They almost make the Wizards gold alts look respectable. ALMOST.