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  1. I like the first pants idea that I had going on too, but I have decided to save it and use it on my upcoming concept instead of this wolverines concept. I think it will fit the theme of the new team much better and I am going to try to continue it up into the jersey.
  2. Here is my updated look for the Wolverines with a simple clean look on the pants.
  3. Cache Valley's Utah State is actually on the opposite side of the mountain range from the three other universities. And I agree with the comments in the first response. The Word-mark is generic and not exactly what the University uses and I need to do something else with the pants. I really like the look of the pants that I did but I agree that they don't exactly match the look of the rest of the uniform.
  4. Utah Valley University sits in-between BYU and The U of Utah and has been growing rapidly in recent years. It has a lot of athletic programs up and running but has yet to enter the football world. I expect that it is only a matter of time before they establish themselves in the football community. This is my initial take on what their unis should look like when the time comes.
  5. Thanks for the tutorial link. I will check it out. And yes Beatnik (whose concepts I always really like by the way) I guess I am hoping that I can learn how to trace an image or cut an image out and vectorize it. How, for example, were you able to use the Raiders logo in your concept that you just posted here recently?
  6. I like this site a lot. I love seeing the interesting and unique concepts that people on this board come up with. I have Illustrator but I don't know how to use it very well. I was wondering how you all seem to so easily take an existing team with an existing logo and just tweak it a bit to make it look more how you would like to see it. I don't know how to work with existing logos so I have only worked on my own completely original concepts thus far. For example, if I wanted to make a football concept for De Paul how do I go about transforming this logo into something I can work with in Illustrator? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. very nice work. I wish the clippers would move to Vancouver and take on this look that you have created, because it must really suck to have to play in the same town as the Lakers.
  8. oneorange

    LA Rage

    I think the logo is great. It might be the best rhino logo I have seen. The uniforms are OK and the name RAGE doesn't sound like an NFL name to me.
  9. I think I can see what you're doing with the colors ... but the colors don't go together as depicted. (Would "66s" work better than "66ers"?) My color palette came about like this: When I think of LA I think of yellow and orange, maybe because of all of the sunshiny days. I tried quite a few other colors to use as for a backing color but the charcoal seemed to work the best and it worked as a the road/highway color I was wanting to incorporate into this concept. I hadn't thought about having the name be 66s. I'll have to think about it.
  10. I know. I do kind of feel like a retard but I am just a self taught illustrator guy and every time I tried to shrink my image down to fit in the designated template it would distort my text. I'm sure that if I really knew what I was doing I could have quickly fixed my problem but I couldn't figure it out by the time the deadline came and went.
  11. The jerseys really shrunk when I posted so I am just posting a bigger picture of the jerseys.
  12. I couldn't figure out how to convert the Draw Brawl 2009 template to my version of Illustrator so I was unable to enter the competition, but this is my concept idea for LA - The Los Angeles 66ers. Deciding on a team name for an LA franchise is not an easy task, as the region really is more or less well known for more negative/derogatory things. I decided to go with the 66ers though because LA is the terminus, the destination, the end of the road for the most famous and historic highway in the US. Route 66 starts in Chicago, cuts its way through the Midwest, crosses the Rocky Mountains and then reaches its goal in Los Angeles. I think that it would be a great team name idea because it would not only represent LA well, but it would attract a lot of other fans nationally - people who live along the historic route 66.
  13. My vote will not count, seeing as I don't have enough posts on this forum, but I think that Tier 2 - L is the best concept out of both groups. Great job to whomever did that one.
  14. These look sweeeet. I don't like the name Twisters for the team but your idea looks so good I wouldn't mind it. Just a heads up for future Oklahoma City concepts, I read in the paper the other day that the team is leaning towards one of four names - Thunder, Thunderbirds, Thundercats, or Barons. Thundercats and Thunderbirds are too long and will eventually dumped so I am betting that the team ends up being either Barons or Thunder. Or maybe somebody high up will see this concept and bring Twisters back into the conversation, as for now thought they feel that "Twisters" casts a negative image on the state of Oklahoma??? Why... I don't know.
  15. Beat me to it. Thats exactly what I thought of immediately. I know it's pretty obvious where I got my inspiration from. I just mixed the Red Baron Pizza guy with the Guy Fawkes mask. I know it looks a bit cartoony and I'd like to fix that but I am not good with shading or really anything too artistic. I think it has potential though. If anyone would like to take this and run with it - be my guest.