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  1. ' I know the play was done with their white uniforms....but still.
  2. So its Michigan vs Vanderbilt for the National Championship starting on Monday...
  3. This happened when they lost their last World Series game.
  4. A World Championship banner will be raised north of the border.....There will be no threepeat.
  5. And Union Berlin is promoted to the Bundesliga as they defeat Stuttgart on arrogate, so you will get a Berlin Derby next year.
  6. St.Louis got screwed....This is San Jose's version of "The Hand of God" goal...
  7. So its the Blazers vs Dubs in the Western Conference Finals on Tuesday...
  8. Until Man City lift the UCL Trophy with Pep in charge then i would agree with you. Until then...nope.
  9. Speaking of Saracens, they have won the European Champions Cup (European Rugby's equivalent to the UEFA Champions League) today for the 3rd Time. As a result they will wear their 3rd Star on top of their crest.
  10. Warriors are in serious trouble now.....
  11. Blues vs. Sharks Western Conference Final Part Deux.
  12. Meet me in St. Louis in the Western Conference Final.