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  1. This is great! One of the best concepts I've seen on this website and that's saying something. I'd definitely submit this.
  2. Dislike because spiders terrify me. So I guess it is a good team name.
  3. Damn is the Colts one beautiful! Thank you so much.
  4. This are funny and creative. Can I get a Notre Dame, Colts, Butler, and USA soccer one if possible? Thanks in advance! Gotta say I love this board for the creativity. I wish I could do stuff like this haha.
  5. Thank you so much. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  6. Can I get Colts Super Bowl, Notre Dame football national championships, and Butler's Final Four? Thanks in advance!
  7. Notre Dame and USC would be cool, but ND's jerseys are so plain that the USC ones wouldn't be very cool at all.
  8. Colts Super Bowl XLI, please? Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Dominic Rhodes, Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney, Gary Brackett, Kelvin Hayden, Bob Sanders. Thanks in advance!