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  1. It's important to remember that this website has a near-psychotic obsession with making sure every team has a unique color scheme. There's a not-insignificant portion that actually want one of the league's oldest teams to change their iconic color scheme of nearly a century because of a fence.
  2. They were apparently pretty adamant on having to deal with Disney's legal department.
  3. Since it's come up multiple times, the name squatters thing is a trademark issue, not a copyright issue (at least not at this stage), which makes a big difference since there isn't a guaranteed right to a trademark like copyrights. If you hold a copyright, it's yours assuming there isn't some agreement limiting your right, and you hold that right for a set period. Unless you violated copyright law in obtaining it or you don't actually hold the copyright, it generally can't be forcibly taken away until it goes into the public domain. A trademark however, you must show that the mark is actually being used for trade (hence the name). If you just purchase a domain name and apply for a trademark, but don't actually use it, you will lose that trademark if someone who legitimately wants to use it makes a challenge. And since it'll get brought up, a guy purchasing a bunch of names immediately after the team announced they were changing and then selling a t-shirt design with the names to like 20 people almost guaranteed wouldn't prevail in a challenge by Washington. That's pretty much the trademark equivalent of someone posting full episodes of a TV show on youtube and then saying "this video was posted to foster discussion and analysis therefore no copyright infringement is intended."
  4. Seriously, the idea that it takes YEARS to come up with a identity is ridiculous. Hell, there are current and former members of this site that could probably put together a solid identity in a week under the right circumstances. But, I guess people just don't understand that the NFL 2 year (or however long it is) advance deadline for new identities is both a supply side thing and a risk aversion thing. Obviously, these franchises are putting a ton of money on the line designing a new identity and don't want to risk screwing it up, so they have a ton of safety measures. The team has to like the design and if they don't it's back to the drawing board for alterations or entirely new designs, then the fans have to like it and if they don't love it 100%, back to make more changes until everyone is happy except the designers. Then there are the legal processes of applying for trademarks, etc. Again, under the right circumstances, I'm positive that one of the professionals on the site could get a solid identity out the door, including the testing and legal stuff in a matter of months if everyone's on board. As IceCap noted, the Elks did just that. But, by making a team do it so far in advance, the NFL guarantees that 1) a team doesn't just rush something out without full coordination with the league, and 2) even if someone drags their feet during the process, it can be ready on schedule for the manufacturing and distribution of merchandise. That manufacturing and distribution is the second consideration. The NFL clearly wants to have everything ready for sale the moment an identity or jersey is properly unveiled. You can't exactly call up your suppliers out of the blue and expect for tens to hundreds of thousands of pieces of merchandise to be ready in a few days. There are an astronomical number of things they need to have and know in order to get things prepped and out the door. Getting them all that information takes time, and it all needs to be done well in advance. TLDR, The creative process doesn't need to take years. The NFL and its teams are afraid of losing money so the 2 year rule allows them to be cautious about the process to make sure everything is done correctly with plenty of time to spare (making it extra infuriating when they inevitably screw up). (This post isn't directed at you, IceCap. I know you know all this already).
  5. Boston College aren't the Golden Eagles. Only the marching band's dance team and sports media outlets with bad editors use that moniker for them.
  6. The more I look at it, the more I agree. I think at first I worried about it looking too "eggy" without the outline, but honestly I don't think it turned out to be an issue really. Yeah, I've gone back and forth on the LUFC or Leeds United thing. My main complaint about the full name is that it doesn't really fill up the space as well, and that it doesn't have the same historical significance as LUFC does on the crest. But hey, maybe my opinion is wrong. Here they are for you guys to take a look at.
  7. Thanks for the similar ideas, guys. I tried them and ultimately the problem I found was that the peacock usually became pretty small proportionally and the idea behind the rose itself being the plumage sort of disappeared. However, I did come up with an idea in that process. Simply put, I changed the flower to white and placed a yellow circle behind the peacock. It's kind of the idea you were both discussing, but it doesn't really act as the plumage itself, but a part of the flower as a whole. After some overall color tweaking I think I got a balance I like, though I'm not sure if an outline looks better or worse.
  8. Yeah, you're very likely right. I tried a couple different ways and it just honestly never looked very good. Ultimately, I think something like this would be more realistic if the team were to actually go in this direction, but I personally don't like it as much.
  9. Oh right, I changed my profile name awhile back; I used to be Lafarge (I guess I removed that from my description at some point) I did one of the universes you mentioned as an inspiration in your first post.
  10. I've been looking in on this thread and have meant to leave a comment for about 5 years now. I think it's about time I actually do so. Wow. This thread might just be the single best soccer concept thread I've ever seen on these boards. Honestly it's too bad the board doesn't do the Creamer Awards and Hall of Fame anymore, because this would be a candidate for both. Every logo is so well designed and grounded in reality to the point I think you could easily trick the average soccer fan into believing many of these are real clubs. I apologize for not having any individual critiques, but there are so many standouts the post would be way too long. Bravo! (It delights me every time I see the general team information layout that I used in my own alternate universe has found its way into your considerably better universe)
  11. I've been in a real soccer mood since the Euro started and got bored between games one day and decided to take a stab at putting together a crest for Leeds United, who have potentially my least favorite crest in the premier league. Looking at their historical crests I decided to try something admittedly a bit experimental with the overall design. The club's nickname is the Peacocks, and briefly sported a peacock crest during the early 1980s. I combined that with the Yorkshire Rose shape that creates the overall crest shape, with the top 4 petals of the rose acting as the peacock's plumage. I decided to keep the crown as a representation of both the peacock's head feathers as well as a reference to the club's three English championships. The ball combines the circle on the early 80s logo with the dark panels on the ball in the current crest. Finally, the bottom features LUFC, used on the current crest, changing the cursive to a simple serif font for legibility reasons. Ultimately, I realize this one's a bit out there and I'm not 100% sure if it works, so I'd love to get your guys' opinions on it.
  12. The guy who said that was American. Ultimately I have to imagine he said that at the time because they were (and clearly still are) doing everything they could to mimic Apple's process, including skipping windows 9 entirely so they could get to windows 10, matching OSX. Now that Mac has moved onto 11, there's suddenly a rush by microsoft to do the same. Pretty astonishing to see the company with something like 85% of the PC market share trying so hard to be more like their competitors in such superficial ways.
  13. I mean, the last time around the team made it very apparent that they were OBSESSED with getting rid of the Florian Cross and how much they hated being "mistaken" for the Chicago Fire Department. Clearly after the last debacle, fans informed the team that the cross was a must so the team found a way to include it while also making it look almost nothing like the Florian Cross. And that resulted in a safe, sterile design that honestly looks more like a manhole cover than anything associated with Fire.
  14. This is how college does it. And having been to literally hundreds of games, I can confirm that there isn't a rash of players firing pucks into the skulls of the horrified masses in the stands. It's bizarre to me that the NHL nailed it with the icing rule and no line changes, but completely overshot with the delay of game rule. Then again, the NHL Rules and Player Safety Departments are both complete and utter jokes, so I shouldn't be so surprised.
  15. I mean, he's very obviously been injured since at least game 2 when Lauzon ran into him and it's clearly been getting worse each game. I had a real bad feeling when they announced that Rask wasn't involved with the team skate. And you're not wrong, he as moving pretty terribly, even when he was coming out of the crease, he looked like he couldn't skate properly. The fact they even acknowledged that the injury was part of the reason why they pulled him is a good sign that it's actually pretty significant. Which honestly, is why they should go with Swayman. The kid's real good, and most importantly isn't suffering from a groin injury. Outside of that first goal, which honestly was more defense than anything, he looked solid. Might as well roll the dice. If it fails, maybe they can spend the offseason actually investing in depth for once instead of giving $6 million to a third line forward who completely disappears and wondering why the first two lines are the only groups doing anything.
  16. Basically it's a frustration thing. The Bruins' lack of depth means that the first line is the only line that can be reasonably expected to score any given game (though Taylor Hall's addition to the second line made it considerably better assuming DeBrusk drops to the third). Other teams realize that and can tailor matchups specifically to try to shut down the first line. When that strategy works and things aren't going their way, both Pasta (who basically falls apart the second things get physical) and Marchand especially try to force things trying to be the heroes because they basically need to be the heroes for the team to win. It became especially apparent last night because with the second change, the Islanders have been able to force Bergeron to go against Pageau in the faceoff circle, and Pageau has absolutely abused Bergeron in the last two games. So, the first line is immediately on the defensive and can't get proper breaks. Combine that with defensive injuries, and they further struggle to get it out of the zone because their opponents can forecheck more aggressively against guys like Tinordi and Clifton. This is the same thing that happened against the Blues in 2019 and Montreal in 2014. The lower lines couldn't be trusted to score, the defense got aggressive and physical against the first line, Pasta (obviously not in 2014) gets shaken by contact, Marchand forces things and takes dumb penalties, and Bergeron is negatively affected by neither linemate playing well. TLDR; Don Sweeney is a bad GM who has provided the Bruins with no depth. Opponents can target the first line more aggressively because the lower lines struggle to score. The perfection line has such high expectations that they begin forcing things because nobody else can be trusted to score. This has been exacerbated by injuries on defense and the replacement players' inability to get the puck out of the zone properly.
  17. Solid hire if you're looking to blow it up.
  18. And instead of drafting a first round grade defenseman to help fix things, the boys club will draft Somerville's 564th ranked center and then be shocked when they never make it to the NHL.
  19. It's refreshing to have a rebrand/redesign that just nails it and doesn't find a way to mess everything up trying to be "innovative".
  20. In 1995 the Quebec sovereignty vote failed ~50%-49% and modern polling on the matter shows that anywhere from 25% to 40% of the population still support it. That's a pretty damn significant percentage of the population.
  21. Ooooo, a significant portion of Quebec definitely doesn't agree with that statement.
  22. How do you explain the Leafs' countless other collapses without him on the roster?
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