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  1. I can imagine a black and gold double outline of the teal ones and it looks GREAT. Switch the numbers on the aways to teal and then a black and gold double outline on that and you've got a perfect upgrade.
  2. That's some fine oxymoron work right there.
  3. They spent millions on this redesign, why would they just bail on it before getting back at least some of their money?
  4. Sure they could. However, when was the last time a team actually pulled a bait and switch like that? We love to throw out the "What if they're messing with us?!?!" on here, but I can't actually remember a time a team was actually messing with us. I don't count the Rams GM wearing a blue and red hat, that was an extremely obvious troll attempt, and nobody should've been fooled.
  5. Yep. Just like how the average Patriots fan doesn’t realize that the “original” red jerseys aren’t actually the original jerseys and there were about 5 or 6 different iterations before getting to the late 80s ones everyone remembers.
  6. Two reasons: 1) The boards are entering the second renaissance of trolling. 2) We’re hopefully preventing people six pages from now saying things like “didn’t we hear conclusively that they’re blue and green a few pages back?”
  7. So you don't have any actual evidence besides concepts from people not involved in any way with the team and word on the street. That certainly would be a twist seeing as literally everything the franchise has shown us so far has been in red and black.
  8. uhhh... You wanna back that up with some sort of evidence?
  9. Because Nike prints money for the NFL.
  10. Right, I’m always accidentally flipping when they got new uniforms and when Kraft and Glazer bought the teams.
  11. Yes and yes. It's on the primary uniforms of both teams and are listed in their official brand guidelines as team colors.
  12. Ah yes, it’s we “purists” who are preventing teams from having a road uniform that isn’t white. It’s definitely got nothing to due with the league rules explicitly requiring teams to have a white jersey.
  13. The story goes that when the NHL revoked its rule that goalies must remain on their feet while making a save, Frank Calder said "As far as I'm concerned, they can stand on their head if they want." This comes across extremely apocryphal to me, but that's where it supposedly comes from.
  14. I'm referring to what hawk36 said, and I quote "A brunette can dye their hair blond for 30 years but they are still a brunette," which, if one exercises basic logic, was stating that that even though the Falcons wore black helmets, they are a red helmet team no matter what. I'm not even sure we're arguing the same points here. You're definitely not wrong that there is a reason for them to go back to red. I think I misinterpreted that you were saying the red helmet is THE historical look of the Falcons, not AN historical look.
  15. I was responding to the assertion that was worn for their first 10-20+ years is their historical identity, and I'm simply pointing out the flaws in that logic. Saying that a red helmet is the identity of the Falcons is just about as flawed. The Falcons have worn the black helmets for longer and have demonstrated much more success in them. It's like saying the Patriots identity is the Pat Patriot jerseys because they didn't start wearing the Flying Elvis until 94 or that the Bucs white helmets are their identity because they didn't wear Pewter until 95. Every part of a team's history has to be taken into account, when discussing a team's identity should be, and a lot of that comes down to opinion. There's no steadfast quantifiable rule to what a team's historical identity is unless they've literally never worn anything else.
  16. So the Packers are a primarily Navy Blue team to you, because for 28 of their first 38 seasons they wore Navy blue primarily.
  17. What does historically mean? The Falcons have worn black helmets for 30 seasons, six more than the red helmets were worn, which means they clearly haven't always been a red helmet team. I feel like we (myself included) discount just how long ago 1990 was.
  18. This isn’t a great analogy. LA already had a second soccer team in Chivas which had a substantial fan base that hated the Galaxy and were basically promised a second franchise after the first folded. Joining a league in which you’ve already got a fan base lined up that sincerely was excited about getting a new team isn’t the same as the Chargers, who basically nobody asked for. Rebranding to the Monrovia Silver Stars wouldn’t have done anything for them.
  19. I can't imagine they would unless the NFL wanted to kill the Hartford team. Hockey could survive in Hartford because the NHL requires smaller fanbases and lower attendance numbers, and quite frankly it barely survived while it did. By the end it was perennially a bottom 3 team in attendance. With a football team, where the average attendance needs to be much higher, I just can't see a team in Hartford surviving wedged between two New York teams and Boston. Sure, football is considerably more popular than hockey, but I just don't see there being enough support for two teams in New England to survive. So it likely would either be the Hartford Patriots or a team in Boston with the Patriots having relocated.
  20. I mean, revenue is a good way to examine popularity, at least partially. There's no one single stat that shows it alone, but revenue means people are buying their stuff, and not just locally. New England as a whole is smaller than New York State, it just doesn't have that big a population, and a considerable amount of the western half has New York fandom. It's highly unlikely that locals are just buying more gear than other fanbases. They're gonna receive massive amount of hate online because they're hyper successful. It's the Yankees effect, they're by far the most hated team in baseball, but also the most popular. Being successful breeds contempt.
  21. 2nd most valuable team and second highest revenue and operating income in the NFL. People are buying more of their stuff than anyone except the Cowboys. Seems pretty popular to me.
  22. One of them (I can't remember which) posting the concepts of board members and saying that they were Nike Conspiracy Test Balloons is still my favorite troll attempt moment ever on this site.
  23. I believe you're mistaking this with the color rush game in which they wore all white.