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    NCAA Wrestling, High School Wrestling. Anything Hockey. Atlanta Braves, Thrashers, Falcons. Nashville Predators & Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

    Attention Winnipeg, Jets= Thrashers. Stop getting your hopes up.
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  1. Chris Pronger has finally retired for good. Always a shame to see a player (especially a highly talented one) go out like he did.
  2. While it isn't clothing, thought I'd share this with yall. Found it in an antique mall in South Carolina
  3. Off topic but since no games happening now I figured it was the best time, here's SKA goalie Ilya Ezhov (well, at least at the end it is) :
  4. Spot of blood on the ice after Mike Fisher gets 5 + a game misconduct for boarding Cody Franson: Via @JoshuaCooper
  5. Clayton Stoner just tried to fight Byfuglien...from his (Stoner's) back.
  6. That was fast. These will sell well.
  7. Same Shi%, different day. Im so close to giving up on this season, not even funny. I'll still watch, but just won't give a damn.
  8. While I abhor a 'tie' in sports (that's why I can't get in to soccer) I hate that empty feeling after the team i'm pulling for plays hard but loses in a cheesy shootout.
  9. This may only apply for Comcast/Charter but, I noticed the NHL Network OnDemand highlight packages still have the same intro featuring Phillips Arena. And Datsyuk's first of the year: