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    NCAA Wrestling, High School Wrestling. Anything Hockey. Atlanta Braves, Thrashers, Falcons. Nashville Predators & Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

    Attention Winnipeg, Jets= Thrashers. Stop getting your hopes up.
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    NCAA FB: UGA & Ole Miss
    NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins/Nashville Predators
    NFL: Atlanta Falcons/Pittsburgh Steelers
    MLB: Atlanta Braves/Pittsburgh Pirates
    ECHL: Gwinnett Gladiators
    NCAA Hockey: Alabama Huntsville/ Minnesota Gophers

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  1. Hahahhahahahahhahahahahaaa. If. If they did, my life would be so much better. Kasim Reed is an asshat who only cares about what he wants, and Governor Deal is about the same way. Where's Shirley Franklin when you need her?
  2. This makes me hate Kasim Reed even more. Where was this guy 2 years ago? What happened to the guy who said "This is a private business matter that is out of my hands" ? You disgust me and I'm ashamed to call your fickle contradiction ass my Mayor.
  3. There's already a thread. It's right below this one.
  4. The plan is to build a new stadium to attempt to attract the Super Bowl back to Atlanta. They would demolish the mere 20 year old Georgia Dome. I have been EVERYWHERE in the dome, the locker rooms, to the roof scaffolding, to the loading area, to the pressbox, on the field, cat walk (you get the picture) and the facility is beautiful. I'm not a fan of football being played indoors but this stadium is very very nice. The new stadium seems unnecessary in my opinion. http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/source-falcons-strike-28-35m-deal-stadium-architec/nXcNK/
  5. I want to smack whomever decided this was a good idea: https://twitter.com/ZachKleinWSB/status/329322300266672130 I want to enjoy a football game, NOT a 4-D movie..
  6. Falcons, Braves, Gladiators, UGA: I'm from here. Grew up cheering for them. (will never support the ATL Hawks as long as ASG owns them) Pittsburgh Penguins, Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates: My family is from Pittsburgh and i grew up having my mom and grandmother cheering for these teams as well as ATL teams. Nashville Predators- Closest NHL team (now....) Minnesota Wild- Dany Heatley is my favorite NHL player. Will support him and any team he is playing for.
  7. Why do i get the feeling that this downturn (excluding economic woes for all of the general public) started with the NHL and ESPN parting ways?
  8. looking for this beauty....saw one on ebay awhile back but somebody got it.
  9. So as a former Thrashers fan, are you going to be rooting for Winnipeg now, or are you switching over to Tampa or Carolina?

  10. yes there were. but ive said my statements before and nobody listens to me (because they probably dont want to, im done trying to explain the situation to yall) Please. and thank you? Yep, i was taught that.
  11. yes there were. but ive said my statements before and nobody listens to me (because they probably dont want to, im done trying to explain the situation to yall)
  12. I'm not sure that I agree with you 100% on your police work there, Lou. yeah, how do you figure? the meeting was almost over before they could come to a consensus to vote. The vote only occurred because the chairman of the city council heard the views of the citizens as well as the other council members on the matter and decided to call it to a vote. 10 minutes remained in the meetign meeting when this happened.
  13. I am all for the coyotes moving...anywhere. I was 10 minutes away from keeping my team. Move em. Test the waters of QC first i think. I remember the 'Nordique Nation' earlier this year were loading up tour buses and going to NYI and Devils games.
  14. U MAD ATLANTA? no sherlock. FU*K You Coyotes. FU*K YOU BETTMAN. FU*K YOU ARIZONA.
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