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  1. The more I see the helmet and what the designers were trying to achieve, the more I appreciate it. The break in the horn attempting to show the two sides(top and side view) of the Ram horn where it curls. It could have been executed a little better, but it's the only thing I see. I don't see the crescent anymore.
  2. That wasn't ever a realistic train of thought
  3. It's all starting to grow on me except for one thing... The blue pants. They look their best as a mono pairing, but I've never liked the Rams in blue pants with the away jersey.
  4. I don't hate the gradient. It's subtle enough to me to not be obnoxious. I don't hate the number font either. Listen, I've been pissed off about the Rams uniforms since 2000. They took a color set that made me a Rams fan and traded it in for millennium blue and Notre Dame gold. I'm just glad you have royal and yellow back, warts and all. Are there things I possibly would've done differently? Probably, but I'm happy.
  5. This thread is 382 pages of people yelling at others about their opinion of what the uniforms should be, while not listening to other's opinions. For the record, the Rams DO NOT NEED WHITE! The home uniform should be royal and sol, and that's it. The jersey on the away set can be white. They don't need to force it.
  6. I'm just happy that they got the colors right. Everything else that's good is just a cherry on top
  7. I don't hate it. There are parts I hate, but overall it's not that horrible. I only hope that they use the horns from the Ram head logo on the helmet and not the white to sol gradient. Minimize the white on the actual home uniform please.
  8. Not to mention, the closer you get to that single hat in a box, and the more it looks like a photoshopped Navy blue hat. Look at the area between the L and the A
  9. What if it's the athletic gold lettering/horn with the blue outline to distinguish it on top of the darker gold accent? The white looks forced
  10. There was a leak of Dolphins hats on Twitter with the same exact neon print on the right side.
  11. The only thing I don't care for is the way the horn is shaped on the R
  12. Dude, my ear is plugged and has been screaming all night. Can't hear a damn thing. I'm lucky I even saw the game. And I was so distracted by the hard hat that I didn't notice anything else.
  13. I considered that, except for the Rams have never had a royal blue helmet or hard hat. Not trying to claim it as a reveal or anything, just thought it was interesting.
  14. Anybody else see the Super Bowl commercial with the Rams fan talking with the Chargers fan, both wearing team hardhats at the stadium construction site? Sure looked like the Rams hard hat was royal blue, satin finish, with shiny yellows horns.
  15. Which is a totally normal reaction to it. With the modern cut of jerseys making the sleeve horn less remarkable, I'm ok with it going away. I'm also fine with it making it's way back. I'm just glad the California sunshine yellow will be officially back.
  16. I've been thinking that a shade in between royal and navy would be ideal. Mostly because the helmet doesn't look right to me in royal blue, it just doesn't. But then again, there's already too many navy blue teams out there. My true wish is medium dark blue and athletic gold only, cut out the white(except for away, obviously)
  17. Yeah, I noticed that the amount of franchise caps for the Cubs has dwindled as well, but it seems like they are still available for other sports. Maybe MLB is killing it.
  18. The sharp point on the left side of the Rams logo dated it, in my opinion. I'm not sure how to fix that as it's currently designed. It gave it a very 90's vibe. That and the white shadow on the horn. Make the blue a little darker than royal, fix that pointed end of the logo and make it all athletic gold and you have a great logo. Oh, and drop the extra outline.
  19. Probably because they try so hard(not in the Jags case) to fit so many goofy design elements onto the jersey and helmet that the pants have to remain plain to balance it out.
  20. Yeah, Illinois has some great names... Hoopeston Cornjerkers Joliet Steelmen Teutopolis Wooden Shoes Cobden Appleknockers Coal City Coalers
  21. My thoughts exactly. White is not needed.
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