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  1. http://uiphotos.ncsa.uiuc.edu/cgi-bin/viewimg?ID=66045 ahhh
  2. I actually have a Wilson authentic jersey from 95 for the jags and it is a thing of beauty
  3. is there in 11 in there or is it suppose to be just 1 of the 1s edit: your sig w/ kirilenko looks like the blue line w/ his name coming out looks like a wierd arm
  4. yea good thing the jags tongue is teal and not blue
  5. NFC North Chicago - A Green Bay - A- Detriot - C Minnesota - D NFC South Carolina - A- Atlanta - B Tampa Bay - B New Orleans - B- NFC East Dallas - B NY Giants - B Washington - A+ Philadelphia - C+ NFC West Seattle - C St. Louis - B Arizona - C San Francisco - D AFC North Pittsburgh - B Cleveland - A Cincinnati - D Baltimore - D- AFC East NY Jets - C+ Buffalo - F New England - B+ Miami - B AFC South Indianapolis - B- Tennessee - B Jacksonville - A Houston - B+ AFC West San Diego - D (Every other one of theirs is better than the currents) Oakland - A Denver - F Kansas City - C