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  1. I hate white pants with a dark uniform in the NFL.
  2. Quebec's pretty strong in the crease! Great work! Lots of great symbolism! Keep up
  3. Actually I never understood the use of black for Team Canada. Black never have been a national Canadian colour. Red, white, blue, green, even gold, but not black.
  4. Good idea, however this would be a good Panthers rebrand: <img src="">
  5. The first look I had last Friday of the new logo was on my BB screen and I had the same reaction as others had on this forum: Wow, I could have done it with MS Paint myself. However, I looked at it twice a day for 3 days and it is really growing on me. That logo says it all: Jets, Canada, North, Powerful, and the best of all, SIMPLE. Look at the greatest logos in North AMerican Sports, they're all simple and we could all have done them in MS Paint too. (Habs, Bruins, Yankees, Blackhawks, Lakers, Spurs, Steelers, SF Giants, Calgary Flames) I'm pretty sure in few years time, WPG will be glad with this identity.
  6. For 09-10 at least, after that, we'll see... I have the feeling PSE attys did not nail the thing Thurs. and Friday in court. Creditors' support to the NHL bid will be the deciding factor. Moyes had very bold statments about NHL in the South last Friday. In the mind of the BoG, it still make sense to have a franchise in Phx, LV or KC because it covers a region to grab corporate revenue. Any fan or game related issue matters, its all about TV and markets. I'm truly sorry for Hamilton, this would be awesome!
  7. My condolences for any game at the Rock! I lived in NYC during 07-08 season and although games at Newark are a cheap alt to see NHL hockey, this place does not rock at all. Sorry Devils' fans!
  8. This was the greatest set from a long time on this forum! Congrats!!
  9. What kind of tribute? I am so fed up by the NHL using the Vintage Bandwagon to make big money with Nordiques, Jets and Whalers logos. The NHL did not want teams in these cities and the make money out of it. Avs fans, you should be very glad of the Nordiques, they just gave two Stanley Cups on a silver plate. However the best to honor Quebec is to lobby the NHL for a return of the Old Capital in the NHL. As far as the 3rd Jersey is concern, I am not impressed at all. Burgundy is Avalanche and Avalanche is Burgundy.
  10. Pretty good designs, my favourite is the top right. I do not think England should be your location wordmark for few reasons: 1) Does not match the Union Jack 2) 4-down Football, with its similarity with Rugby, could be very popular in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. 3) If you have an England team, it is because you have other teams in the 3 other nations of the UK. Therefore, you could have London, Britain, Britannia, Windsor, Westminster, Albion, etc, but not England if you want to keep your excellent design. Great stuff !
  11. I personally love the print out in the logo. Canada has a long tradition of heraldic symbols and to apply that to an Olympic team logo is just great. As for the jersey template, the red one is average and I don't like the big red shoulder band (as I dont like the Phoenix white jersey... you see). To me, Canada has three classic jerseys: The RCAF from the 40s, the 80s Canada Cup set and the 2002 gold winning jerseys.
  12. As an observer of the MLS expansion process here in Portland, Garber's statements here are interesting to me. A few months ago, Saputo comes out claiming he restarted talks with MLS and could have a franchise by 2011. Garber did nothing to discourage this, noting in a blog on the MLS Web site that Saputo was working to expand his stadium and saying "I believe Montreal is a very viable MLS market and I plan to keep in regular contact with the Saputos as we continue to develop our future expansion plans." This all came out at a time when Paulson was struggling to come up with a financing plan with the City of Portland for renovating PGE Park to MLS standards. It felt at the time that this Montreal banter was being thrown about to apply some pressure on Portland. I spoke with at least one team official at the time who agreed. Now that Portland's agreements with the city are in place, Paulson apparently feels free to discount Montreal for 2011. Does anybody know exactly what MLSE (TFC owners) thinks of having Montréal in the MLS? There is long tradition in Canada of teams and cities bitching each other in order to protect the Canadian revenue pie: 1967 NHL Expansion, 1979 NHL Expansion, 2010 Olympics Canadian Bid Selection. I would like to believe Garber when he says he would like three teams in canada. However, we know how much MLSE wants to control sports in Canada. I am afraid that this resurgence of Montreal as a front-runner for the 19th or 20th is just bluff. This is unfortunate because soccer is big in the Province of Quebec for the right reasons: Big amateur participation, Large support for FIFA national teams from different ethnic communities in Montreal especially. And we have natural grass at Saputo Stadium (Ha ha just kidding my Toronto friends!)
  13. chrimart

    Quebec Bulldogs

    I was born and raised in Quebec City and I was (and still am) a fan of "Les Nordiques de Québec." The selection of the name for an eventual NHL team in QC will have to follow few criteria: 1- Be a recognisable French word, but easy to translate in English. (like many other NHL teams: Sénateurs/Senators, Pingouins/Penguins, Prédateurs/Predators, Avalanche(!), Flammes/Flames, Panthères/Panthers). Espacialy to avoid the obvious No Dicks pronounciation. 2- Being linked to the history of the City, of hockey in the region and the province. 3- Kicking Ass! So here are the possibilities: - Bulldogs de Québec (1910 NHL team) - People in the area wont necessarily relate to this name, although in casual french, the word Bulldog is fairly used. - Citadelles de Québec (1950 Sr Team) - First pro team of Jean Béliveau - Very popular in minor hockey now - This word refers to the military history of the city - As de Québec - Quebec Aces (1960 AHL team) - Average name in my opinion and I am afraid if became the Quebec Ass! - Nordiques de Québec - Obviously still present in the minds of Quebecers, but difficult to pronounce in English. - Rafales de Québec (1996 IHL team) - Just doesn't work! - Remparts de Québec (Actual QMJHL team) - Unfortunately this is the best team name for QC but it is already taken by the sucessful junior team (Patrick Roy's team) - National de Quebec (fictional series hockey team) - In the eighties a Quebec TV drama series (bug success) was made around a cup-winning (ha!ha!) pro team in QC. My personal choice would Le National ! Lets go National! p.s.: Yes! Sometimes, some places are different then others. Don't worry English-speaking people are very well treated in the province indeed. I am sorry for Lever but alot a Habs fans appreciate when people in this kind of position is able to speak two or three French words. Gary Carter understood that. He became a big star with very basic French. Anyway ! good night!